Pain Is Temporary.


Mandeep Sethi - Rumble in London Part 1 - The homieMad Tatter Films followed SETI X around London for week and put together a mini-documentary. Much love and respect to all london massive!


Good mornin!

Exciting news!

I made a very specific edit for a very specific website and guess what. They did an article on one of my films! Hypebeast, a website I have been following for the longest time now, have put up an article on Can Control; the mini film I did on Nisha from the Kalakari Crew. This is going to excite me because Hypebeast is up there as one of the biggest lifestyle websites around so I am SO happy that this day has come where one of my dopest pieces is on their site! 


You can check out the Hypebeast version HERE

- The MadTatter

And remember

As a famous actress once said.. Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming..

This is not my work and this photo was uploaded to Instagram by kristamoss - “Yes it’s true getting your elbow bone tattoo’d feels like butterfly kisses and tickles @madtatt @bambootattoo #ouch #tattoo #tattoos #tattooshops #yyz #bambootattoo #tattoosleeves #roses”. Find out more about my own work:

That’s all she wrote. #elephant done, next tattoo is gorilla. Thanks @madtatt for doing this incredible tattoo. @bambootattoo for dealing with me as usual lol.

Re: Rants

It’s easy to take to twitter a explode emotional discharge over the internet but does that even solve anything? Yeah you’ll feel a relief as you receive tweets from like minded people but in the long run. What was the point of it? Recently I ranted on twitter and it did nothing. I felt a lil better but it never solved the situation. A good friend of mine sent me an amazing email putting many things that I was feeling into context. From that email alone I felt better about the situation than I did from ranting.

One of the important things I took from the email was not to take to twitter so quickly but to write down my frustration and come back to it in 24hours. I was told I’d be surprised by how many things I’d end up just letting go of. I thought I brushed things off very well but turns out some things dwell inside the caves of my mind. I ended up writing them down. Yeah my twitter might get “boring” but I feel like a balloon behind my eyes has been popped.. I can breath..


- MadTatter

And remember,

You cannot live a positive world when attracting negative thoughts.

This is not my work and this photo was uploaded to Instagram by kristamoss - “Requests for more #tattoo pics so here you go…repost from @bambootattoo and @madtatt #tattoos #tattooshops #tattoosleeve #rosetattoo #skulltattoo #feathertattoo #ink #yyz #bambootattoo”. Find out more about my own work: