Story of the last picture: story of the picture: My friends and I were waiting at the stage door at a threatre in Toronto after Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeure show. And Mads walked by to go inside for a party that was going on. At first I was like… :| Then, shockingly (because I am super shy), I yelled, “Mr. Mikkelsen. Can I have a picture with you?” And he was super nice. Then I told him that I absolutely LOVED “A Royal Affair”.[x] [x] [x]

anonymous said:

Mads is about average height but in the show they go out of their way to make him look taller than everyone... except for Randall Teir...why do you think that is?

Power baby, it’s all about the power. 

Height is a huge indicator to the audience where the power lies, if you have a dumpy little king sat on a throne and a tall adviser stood beside him, it’s telling you the power is with the adviser, not the king. 

The most interesting power balance display in Hannibal, in my opinion, is with him and Bedelia. 

Gillian Anderson, bless her, is a tiny little thing, nearly a foot shorter than Mads and still a lot shorter in even heels, this is the reason why you don’t really see them standing side by side or really given anything to compare their heigh difference on until that scene in Sakizuke when she goes to her office. Before then, it is carefully hidden. 

Through having them both sat down, or in Releves where he is stood a lot further away and in Savoureux their both on opposite sides of the table when they’re stood, they give the illusion that she has at least, an equal footing with him. The transition in Sakizuke when he walks closer to her and then the shot type COMPLETELY changes from it’s usual with them, you know there has been a balance shift. 

Leaving Bedelia alone for a moment, Hannibals presence in a room is also something which reflects his position in the story. Mads is very broad and his suits make him look broader still. In Potage, I think, it’s almost as if he is so large he looks out of place, in the Hobbs house and in the antler room in particular. His almost all encompassing peacock-like presence in the room tells the audience how much of an influence he’s having over this story. He’s unmissable. It also adds to the “how could the FBI not have noticed” feeling we experience the whole time. 

With regards to Randall, The guy who plays him is an unexpected 6’2.5” so he is actually taller, but Mads isn’t made to look taller than him. I think Hannibal being on a level footing with him is more about his animal nature. Hannibal keeping eye contact, not “displaying” means Randall is far more likely to warm to him. Even if, in reality, that is not really the case and Hannibal does have all the power. Essentially it’s a manipulative technique. But bless Randall he’s had Hannibal in his head for a long time and didn’t really stand a chance. 

So yes, I hope that answered your question in a general way and specific to Randall Tier! Thank you!