Name (English): Madoria

Name (Japanese) :マドリア

Gender: Female
Age: 16 (In her time)

Birthday: December 27

Est. creation time: September 2012

Likes: Arts and crafts, machinery, dance and techno music, white chocolate, and muscular guys.

Dislikes: Fighting, (especially among friends and family) her inability to speak in romantic situations, the cold, nosy people, and vandalism.

Relationships with other characters:

*Magolor: Madoria’s father. She became interested in mechanics early in her life from watching Magolor fix the Lor Starcutter and other things. Eventually, she started helping him with repairs. Magolor is somewhat overprotective of Madoria. Especially when it comes to romance. Madoria doesn’t usually mind, but she can also find it embarrassing sometimes. Magolor is highly suspicious of Trik for obvious reasons. Madoria’s not sure how she’ll explain if he finds out Trik wants to rule Halcandra.

*Drawcia: Madoria’s mother. Drawcia’s hair seems to be the only thing Madoria got from her physically. Drawcia is somewhat disappointed by this, but also feels like it’s better for her that way. Madoria became interested in art early in her life from from looking at Drawcia’s paintings. (Or in her case, her world.) Madoria insists that she’ll never be as good as her mother, but Drawcia believes Madoria will surpass her. Drawcia occasionally becomes too curious about Madoria’s private drawings and checks them out, but usually gets caught. Madoria is embarrassed by this.

*Trik: Madoria’s best friend. (Or so Trik claims.) They’ve been friends longer than they can truly remember. Madoria seems very mature compared to Trik even for a 4-year age gap. Trik claims that Madoria’s parents are so smart that they taught Madoria how to be twice as smart. They keep many secrets for each other. Because of this, many people assume one of them or both of them are in love. Madoria responds with “I’m not ready for love! Besides, Trik and I are just friends!”

*Bee: Madoria’s best friend. (Or so Bee claims.) Despite not seeing each other very often, they met at a young age and have been good friends for years. They like to shop together and talk about girly stuff when they’re alone. Because Bee’s a little spoiled, Madoria’s parents somewhat see her as a bad influence. Though they know Madoria knows better so it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem. Madoria claims that Bee helped her get over some of her silly fears and is attempting to help with her fear that Bee calls “boyphobia.”

*Kirby: Although they’ve never met, Madoria knows a lot about Kirby by reputation. Magolor speaks friendlily of him, but Drawcia seems to hate him. Leaving Madoria rather curious. She would like to battle Kirby to see if he’s as strong as they say, but she would be pleased enough just to meet him.
Powers: Many of her powers come from her parents and because their powers are similar to each other’s, she could’ve gotten her powers from either of them. These powers include magic blast attacks, enemy summoning, magical barrier, colorful needle attacks, and teleportation. She can also use a dash attack similar to the one Magolor uses in races. Madoria claims that she can transform people like Drawcia can turn people into balls, but it is unknown what she turns them into if not the same thing.
Additional info: Madoria is a kind and mature girl from the future who has followed a time traveler to the past (our present) to make sure Trik doesn’t cause any trouble. While she’s a lot more careful with keeping future events secret than Trik is, she has a harder time keeping her identity a secret because she looks unusual. Madoria is very smart and often serves as a big sister/mother figure to her friends. She is somewhat hard on herself because she worries the expectations of her parents and friends for her are too high. Both Trik and Bee claim her as their best friend and occasionally fight over who she thinks is her best friend. Madoria counters with Bee being her “best girl friend” and Trik being her “best boy friend.” Using “boy friend” then gives a lot of people the wrong idea… She is not very good with romance. As soon as she realizes she’s in a romantic situation, she loses her cool and has trouble saying what she wants to say without stuttering or saying it wrong. Despite this, she seems very interested in muscular or physically powerful guys.
Fun facts!: Madoria’s name was originally going to be “Majoria.” Both of these names had similar references as Magolor’s Japanese name. マホロア (Mahoroa) may have been based on 魔法 (mahou) meaning “magic” in English. Majoria was based on 魔女 (majo) meaning “witch.” The “ria” part of her name is simply an attempted feminine version of “roa.” Magolor and Drawcia both have seven letters in their English names and four characters in their Japanese names. Majoria also has seven letters, but has a double consonant in Japanese. マホロア=Mahoroa ドロシア=Doroshia マジョリア=Majoria. Unlike Trik’s name, this one wasn’t as easy to fix. Though all I had to do was instead make her named based on 魔道 (madou) which also means “magic!” Thus giving her the name Madoria! Her hat design was inspired by a Kirby 64 enemy.

If she becomes popular enough, I will create an ask and roleplay blog for her.

En la imagen podemos ver el sofá de Jaime Hayon inspitado en la palabra Favnsignifica abrazaren danés, por esta razón la forma acogedora del sofá. “Quería un sofá que se basara en una concha. Una concha dura en el exterior, suave y conformarle en el interior” explica Hayón. “Quería crear una forma que te abrazase, algo realmente orgánico”. El sofá se encuentra disponible en una elegante gama de colores y mezcla tres tipos de telas, siempre del mismo tono, para cada una de las partes componentes: tapizado de la estructura, sillones y almohadones.

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QuikFit Azada de 3 dientes


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Fiskars QuikDrill



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