[What’s your own future? What do you look forward to?]

“I look forward to things like last night — we stayed up all night writing songs. Out in the city, brimming full of ideas, jabbering like madmen, writing on everything, meeting new people. I get my energy from the idea of ideas. The notion of a good idea or the thought of a good idea. That’s when I perk up, when I feel that there’s a good idea in the house, in my brain pan. That’s when I feel alive and that’s what I want to continue doing, connecting with that. Also, I want to continue eating sardine sandwiches with sardines and tomatoes. That’s what I did today.

—  Joe Strummer (source)
Ireland's Abortion Laws Announced As Plot Of Next Saw Movie

Ireland’s Abortion Laws Announced As Plot Of Next Saw Movie

Lions Gate Entertainment yesterday announced that the next installment in the Saw franchise, movies about people subjected to brutal and overcomplicated deathtraps to satisfy the whims of madmen, would be based on Irish abortion laws.

“It’s a masterpiece of bloody horror” said Lionsgate executive Media Mogulson. “We had thought Saw 3Dwould be the seventh and last film, because of difficulty in…

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Diagnosis; post day stress and nighttime anxiety/ stomach cramps ugh.

Prescription; OG kush + Madmen + cuddles with my man. 🍁👔💘.

Goodnight, lovers.


In anticipation for the return of Mad Men on April 7th, MWD brings you Dog Draper.

Suit: J.Crew Wool Ludlow in Heather Charcoal  |  Tie: Vintage  |  Pocket Square: The Tie Bar  |  Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

not shown:  Shoes: Allen Edmonds (Park Avenue)  |  Fedora: JJ Hat Center NY  |  Cufflinks: Lanvin  |  Watch: Omega Deville Prestige Quartz

(dear PETA, smoke was photoshopped)