Oh, Alice

Alice fell down a rabbit hole

And had nowhere left to go

Except headfirst into obscurity.

She then tried to drink her problems away

But they only grew and she only shrunk.

Oh, Alice, you stupid girl,

When will you stop

Chasing rabbits in her dreams

And beseeching hookah-smoking caterpillars?

Oh, Alice, you stupid girl,

When will you outgrow

Tea parties of mice and madmen,

Kittens with grins and without their mittens,

And croquet with cheating pink flamingos? 

Oh, Alice, you stupid girl,

When will you learn  

That this game is not your life,

And your life is the Queen’s game?

anonymous said:

☱ for Jayley!


Dear Diary,


You’d think, that when I call someone a Witch I would at the very least hear my own warning within words. You’d be wrong. So… very wrong.

Predators I know. Monsters and Madmen. This animal is different. I keep forgetting my games. The right words the right moves. She keeps disarming me before I realize I was even supposed to be drawing a weapon.

I usually know what I’m doing. The right shift of hips, the right bite of a lip, the right slip of a tongue. And it worked… I watched it work. I watched her eyes flash and I watched her body tense and I heard the breath of labored want and I thought I was in control.

That’s what I thought.

Time will tell… the game is still the game, in the end. A slight adjustment of rules maybe but the game is the same.

Fel. That Witch.


In anticipation for the return of Mad Men on April 7th, MWD brings you Dog Draper.

Suit: J.Crew Wool Ludlow in Heather Charcoal  |  Tie: Vintage  |  Pocket Square: The Tie Bar  |  Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

not shown:  Shoes: Allen Edmonds (Park Avenue)  |  Fedora: JJ Hat Center NY  |  Cufflinks: Lanvin  |  Watch: Omega Deville Prestige Quartz

(dear PETA, smoke was photoshopped)


"What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons," Don says in the very first episode of the series. Sometimes it seems like he believes that. Don’s version of love is not a great kind of love. It’s petty and nasty, and he can be capricious, withholding, violent, and dishonest. And that’s just if you marry him! Don and Peggy love each other, but they’re not people who are good at giving or accepting love. More important than their love, then, is simply their bond. These are people who are attached, for better or worse, for forever, in a relationship that’s not sexual, not parental, but not quite student-teacher, and not really mentor-mentee anymore. They’re not best friends. They’re not even always co-workers. Parents die, people divorce, they move to California, they die in childbirth, they place their children for adoption, they flee the borough, they change their name, they have anonymous sex. People come and go, even people you’re supposed to love who are supposed to love you. Peggy and Don are people with abandonment issues, and love does not preclude abandonment.Togetherness does. And Peggy and Don? Boy are they together. (x)