sammy-cries-during-sex said: dooooo itttt:)) i believe in you

awww thank youuuu <333

 eckyeckyeckyeckypakangzoomboing said: we did that musical my sophomore year i was in the orchestra but everyone in the cast had a great time with it i say you should totally go for it and even if you don’t get the bakers wife there are so many other parts and it’ll be so fun i promise

yeah its so true all the parts look really really awesome and im planning on starting private voice lessons soon anyways so that can help with whatever part i get if i get in! i just love musicals so much omg thank you yes

 madisus said: do it! we can do it togetherrrrrrr

OMG AUDITION BUDDIES I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS i didnt know you were auditioning too!!!