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So I went to the NY Curvy Closet event held yesterday in the Times Square/Hells Kitchen/Clinton area. It was at a cute little bar that i will have to frequent more often, lol. I didnt take any pictures at this event. It wasnt til after I left, I thought about it.

The event was sponsored by SimplyBe. And whenever they are involved, they let you go home with the goodie of your choice. I am a huge fan of them. All of my very cute heels and sandals come from them. They are god send for a girl with fat feet, lol. I got there 30 minutes before the event ended, so all the real good stuff was gone. I got a pair of sandals.


my toes are a bit camera shy, lmao. Next event I plan on being the first person there to raid SimplyBe’s racks lol.


I went just to look around and do a little mingling. But of course I picked up a few Items. First stop was the Madison Plus ( table where I met Aimee, who is a freaking sweetheart. I got a pair guess stilettos and a pair of DKNY jeans. Lets not forget she gave me a 15% off coupon for the site.



I stopped by a few more tables, didnt see too much until i saw these (shoes below). i fell in love with them and prayed my feet fit into them. Can you say WIN!!!!! lol. Shaina from A Thick Girls Closet ( sold me these gems.


It was a cool event. All of the ladies were awesome. I need to do more of them.

Howdy noobs!! I have some great news. I’ll be attending Madison+ Ruby in Madison, WI next month! I received an Opportunity Award through Madison+. The scholarship, which covers event registration, flight and lodging, was open to anyone who would otherwise not have the means to attend, and they were especially interested in individuals who are underrepresented in the tech community. Kudos to Madison+ for doing what ALL tech conferences should be doing especially for women and people of color.

SO. That said, I will be tweeting from the event (@radiomorillo) and will post a few pics on here. I’ve never been to the Midwest and all I know about Wisconsin is cheese and I’m all about getting turnt up on cheese. It’s also my first EVER Ruby conference (!!!!!!) and I’m hoping to meet super awesome folks and learn more about the Interwebs and eat cheese.

N00bs: where there is a will, there is a way. Can’t wait to meet you next month, Madison!!!!

Shot these plus size looks for @madisonplus and @telemundo this morning! Mint jeans by @greaterthanbrand Duster by @elannzelie ❤💄👠😍 #love #plussizemodel #annoulicious #telemundoTV #soho #wunderlichinc #madisonplus #florals #acidwashjeans #mintjeans #trends #lhdc #braid #greekgoddess #neonpink #werk #stylesegment #lifethrowscurves #honorcurves #hourglass (at SoHo)