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Guys! Are you and your lady the sweetest in the tower? Why?

Sam: You are seriously trying to start a fight among them, aren’t you?

Bucky: I think we are. Tracey’s one of the sweetest girls, she also will make random deserts or something for everyone. And I think I treat Tracey great. 

Steve: Yeah, but Sharon and I may tease each other, but we care a lot about each other. 

Clint: Hey! Let’s not forget about Tasha’s and my history. We’ve been through more than you two and your girls. 

Barry: Hey, I take Darcy on plenty of dates and surprise her as much as I can. You can’t beat that.

Thor: Yes, but Jane takes time to teach me all she knows of what she studies an-

Maria: You have started a war in here. 

A lot of people say that Roderick, Jane, Mason, Madison, and Spencer should have been introduced in season 4. I disagree. They should have been introduced in season 5, which really should have been a brand new school year. Normal timelines are a good thing! That way we could been introduced to the new newbies a lot earlier and seen them interact with the season 4 newbies.

You Deserved Better Club

Tina Cohen-Chang
Madison McCarthy (along with season 6 newbies/glee club)
Kurt Hummel
Jake Puckerman
Beth Corcoran
Robyn Sylvester
Kurtcedes/Mertina friendship

Basically anyone and anything that was pushed aside for The Rachel Berry Show, Blee, Where Are They Now: Glee Alumnus Edition, and Keeping up With Klaine

           Kitty generally sat with the Cheerios at lunch; she was a creature of habit, after all, and as much as she loved the Glee kids, they were far too loud. Maybe it did have something to do with the popularity she wasn’t quite ready to let go of, but generally it was much easier to sit with the snobbish Cheerios and the football players, picking at her food and leafing through a book or something while she ignored the whispered gossip all around her.

           Anyway, it was her table, damn it. She’d formed it, and she’d be damned before she let the likes of Bree chase her away.

           One did not get to be as feared or as loved as Kitty Wilde was without learning how to read a room, and something was definitely up in the popular circle. She kept up her disinterested façade- at this point, she was excellent at pretending she wasn’t paying attention- but listened out anyway. When Bree waved over a group of juniors from the volleyball team, Kitty kept an eye on them as Bree pressed a bill into each of their hands and handed them something in brown paper bags. There was some whispering that Kitty couldn’t quite make out, but she noticed the meaningful looks cast across the room to the table where Roderick and Jane and Spencer and Alistair and the twins were sitting now, having too much fun to notice or care about anything else around them.

           This was not good.

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So everyone what's your favorite holiday?

Tracey: Christmas!!!

Barry: Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

Darcy: Halloween! Scare everyone!

Bucky: Definitely Christmas

Steve: Yeah, Christmas. 

Thor: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Such wonderful times to get together with loved ones. 

Pepper: Easter. I always loved decorating eggs. 

Tony: Halloween. I love scaring the shit out of the others.

Sharon: Halloween or Fourth of July. 

Maria: Halloween. 

Rhodey: Fourth of July.

Sam: Thanksgiving. My mom makes the best pies ever. And it’s always fun to see who thinks they can eat the most then regret everything later.

Bruce: Christmas. 

Natasha: Halloween and Christmas

Clint: Thanksgiving. 

Betty: Easter. I love the colors and dying eggs! 

Jane: Halloween. I always loved dressing up.

Vision: I haven’t experienced any of the holidays yet so I don’t have a favorite as of right now.

Pietro: We do not have a lot of the same holidays in Sokovia as the Americans. But we love Christmas.

Wanda: Definitely Christmas is our favorite.



At Bellmont University, it’s a well-known fact that the social hierarchy of collegiate acapella reigns supreme. Whether you’re belting out solos center stage, crooning soft harmonies with the altos, or beat-boxing in the back, you’re nothing unless you’ve made it into one of the school’s two viciously rivaling acapella groups. So brush off the dust on those vocal chords and pick a side - the Bell Tones or The Tonicizers - because the road to Nationals is bound to be aca-crazy!