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It was another of Ciel’s parties. Madi decided to come, even though she dreaded them. She never knew anyone except for a few people and they had their thing going on with themselves, leaving her in the dust. She sat on a chair, completely oblivious to the fact she was sitting right under a mistletoe. When Alois came trotting up with a smirk on his face, Madi looked up at him with confusion. “Alois? What’s that look for? I thought you were hanging out with Ciel.” She looked back down at her fruit punch and swirled it around in the glass.

//Probably back when they were teenagers maybe


8V Wow so I never ever draw Madi except when I’m RPing with Tom, it seems… and aside from the headshot, when I finally do it’s after Tom’s insPIRED me to draw him in a Guilty Gear outfit…

Anyway that’s Madi, sketchy Madis– He’s usually found wearing a well-worn bomber jacket over a casual long-sleeved crewneck shirt..

He’s fun 2 stylize ANYWAY a synopsis of his character: Omega-grandpa-status asshole straight outta’ Mongolia