Here’s a GIF set I made of Drashti using the Matrix bridal collection photoshoot behind the scenes video clip. She looks so gorgeous and elegant. :) <3


Rare photos of Madhubala taken for Life Magazine by James Burke c. 1951. These pictures offer a special glimpse into the timeless beauty of this classic Bollywood actress. She appears almost entirely barefaced and with her hair undone, appearing especially casual in contrast to her more glamorous looks that she is more popularly known for. Even with her acne showing, she still exudes the special kind of beauty that is carried by her everlasting inner charm and charisma. 

Madhubala rose to fame at a young age with her performance in Barsaat ki Raat and her career peaked with her most notable film, Mughal-e-Azam. She worked hard throughout her career, even with her heart condition, a ventricular septal defect or, “hole in the heart,” which gradually deteriorated her health. She died in 1969, just shortly after her 36th birthday.