Let’s all dance!

I bet you have already recognized them though

Left to Right: Lying AJ, Frigid Drift, Pirate Dash, Mademoiselle Rarity, Wouhlven, Cider Dash and Air Heart

Why did i drew them?

Because these past two months, i have discovered those great artist and friends! That i want to feature! Most of them supported my brother and me in the hardest time! And i thanks you guys for that!

You know, I really apreciate that we met you guys! You changes our lives and vision of Drawing ponies!

People will say That they like you because you are becoming famous…

I will say no, they became my friends because they loved how we were and our  Drawings nothing more though!

Thanks you guys!

And by the way, i am not forgetting my dear followers!

I will never be there without you guys! Thanks for you support and love! ~<3



MR: Even if it a bit ennuyeux… It doesn’t really matter.

Everypony knows that Getting an another Hat it isn’t difficile for me! (I actually got 1000 in spare in my Boutique, so go ahead)

I am the fabulous and fancy one in the whole Town!

(( Thanks for our Guest artist for his participation in my little blog of mine!

It is really nice to know that people are still interested in Mademoiselle Rarity.

And yes I don’t mind if you are good or not in art. The main thing is that you all improve and be happy!

So thanks you and gives those little blogs a follow))