A P R I C O T - D R E A M I N G - J A M

I said I’d finish up the post about the Stokie bounty but turned out I could not update photies via iPad ap, so here’s a separate post with the results and the means of how I go there. The recipe is from Jane Grigson’s award winning book simply titled ‘Fruit’ and although it’s been on my bookshelf for over twenty years it’s still a ‘go to’ book for many good ideas for all fruits.

I also had my Grandma’s book on ‘Preserving’ to hand and added a packet of pectin to the mix as my thermometer, though good does often leave me with syrupy jam. Apricots being medium pectin content. I’m so inspired that if I have time I’m going to dig out the tin of MaMade and make Marmalade on Bank Holiday Monday. It’s time to have some colour orange in the store cupboard!