Favorite things to do in Oblivion:

1) hotkey Nocturnal’s Gray Cowl

2) go to the Imperial City center

3) toggle it on and off and watch half dozen heavily armored guards lunge at you… only to stop and glare at you in confusion as they reach you

Sorry, guys. Another day, another disappointment. Just ask Hieronymus Lex. He knows what it’s like.

”Brendan, I’m tired!”
”You are not tired Steven, you are drunk.”
”No, ‘cause I only had a few.”
”Yes you are, you just can’t hold your liquor, boy.”
”Shut up! My feets hurt. Carry me?”
”What? No!”
”Come on, Brendan! It’s not that far!”
”You shouldn’t have use all your energy to dancing if you are gonna whine about walking.”
”But if you carry me, I have energy to do something else when we get back..”
”Playing dirty, eh? Still ain’t gonna carry you.”
”You’re so big and strong, yeah, and you always say how skinny I am and move me on the bedroom as you like, so you should be able to carry me home, right? Please?”
”Fuck off.”
”Alright! Stop pouting. Jesus. Come here then, let’s get you back home.”

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amy will u tell us the story of how u and deb went from brotp to otp?

omgosh i’m so long winded and schmoopy. ;u; i’ll put this under a cut so that i don’t blubber all over your dashes! apologies to anyone reading via mobile i will try to keep this a lil brief dfghjghjkl

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I’m no expert at D&D, Magic or Munchkin but I wasn’t aware you could romance Anders, Fenris or Isabela in them and this is a very specific dice. The dice of love (and sexiness)

It’s the romance dice.

Someone should have given this dice to Mr. Booty years (and years) ago, before we were married and we were playing D&D. Our group was hanging out at a tavern after some quest or another. I was playing a rogue halfing, I think and he was some sort of beefcake warrior type and decided that he wanted to hit on me. But since his charisma wasn’t exactly high, he needed a solid throw of like 15 or better I think for it to be successful.

He rolled a 2.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as the DM described just how spectacularly he failed at hitting on me. Tripping, ale flying in the air, and generally making an ass of himself. Oh man, it was great.


mtxdan tagged me to post 2 pics so here I am.
1) obviously this is a while back when I was blonde. I had to try Elsa makeup. Had to.
2) my failure as a geek. Yesterday.
I tag rootedinhope heychessikuh letloveprosper live-oncoffeeandflowers forestofcats and insomnevida.