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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (nonnegotiable) positivity is cool. :3

I also got tagged by cardinalcapaldi "Post a selfie and 5 things you like about yourself", so I’m cheating and combining.

1. I can be incredibly silly (see selfie above).
2. I can be up and ready to go in the morning in under 15 minutes if I need to.
3. I’m pretty good at making people laugh.
4. Also good at feeding people with home-made treats or meals.
5. I’m the black sheep of the family for being smart, well-behaved, and quiet.  (I love the irony.)

And I will go anonymously tag a few people in their ask boxes now…

Yo guys! Since you guys liked my 2 minute Pixel Corn so much, next week I’m going to start streaming doodle sessions! Basically, I’ll be hanging out and doing quick timed drawings of things you guys request! ^_^

Feel free to suggest some things in my ask box and comments ^_^

I look forward to hanging out and being awkward! I’m still getting the hang of being internet social but you guys have made it awesome so far!


Sif in Thor: The Dark World

ohhh my god bless you anons it’s not anything special but here u go!!


i think we’re all a little threatened by that tooth dog.


❝ And yet I joined the firefighters because I wanted to save people... ❞

like i’ll always fucking remember how surreal it was ya’know

like me and my sisters where watching and tenzin was talking to korra and i was so sure that it was just gonna end with korra and tenzin i was so fucking sure like it made sense but god i still had hope but it was leaving me fast because there were literally only like 2 minutes left

and i was standing up like leaning on the wall just trying to cope with my emotions

but then i hear asami’s ‘excuse me tenzin’ and i had like 5 seconds of just pure disbelief and stunned silence before pausing the video and jumping on the bed and yelling at my sister to get the camera cause i knew something amazing was going to fucking happen i didn’t fucking care how embarrassing i was going to act i wanted to relive that moment over and over again  


REVOLUTION | S1 + S2 | Charlie, Monroe & Rachel - The Abridged Version: Part Two.

This is personal, right? You and Monroe.

He murdered half my family, so yeah. You might say that.