Jemma Simmons | Favorite Moment { “I’m engineering, she’s biochem.” }


Teen Wolf AU in which, tired of circumstances throwing them together, Derek and Stiles decide to take matters into their own hands.

"So what, in order to circumvent destiny or the universe we’re just gonna, what? Hang out? Together? The two of us?"

"In a manner of speaking."


Clintasha Week Δ Friendship/Partnership {Partners In Crime}

Clint and Natasha decide to go rogue (again). They stage and execute a brilliant heist of a certain piece of technology in S.H.I.E.L.D’s possession that can help them get the lives they’ve both always wanted. 


The original Ant-Man, Dr. Henry Johnathan “Hank” Pym made his debut in Tales To Astonish #27 as a scientist testing a shrinking apparatus on himself and then having to fend off ants until he could return to normal height. The story was more of a sci-fi/horror/fantasy story, which is what TTA was during the transition from the Golden to Silver Age of comics.

Eight issues later, Dr. Pym came back. This time as a superhero using his shrinking technology to fight crime. The addition of a helmet that could communicate and control ants made it so hostile insects were the least of his problems. Ant-Man took over the title full time and soon Pym’s lab assistant and girlfriend, Janet van Dyne aka The Wasp, joined him in #44 and the two spent the next 20+ issues solving crimes. Ant-Man eventually became Giant-Man during their run, one of many of Pym’s aliases.

Pym and van Dyne are founding members of The Avengers and were big parts of the early stories. They left the team briefly only to return for one of the most iconic Avengers stories. Pym was the sole creator of the artificial intelligence known as Ultron. Originally created for non-lethal purposes, Ultron gained sentience and a hatred for all organic life. He became one of Marvel’s biggest villains. Out of that story line also came a new Avenger, The Vision, created by Ultron to defeat The Avengers. He eventually turned on his creator. Ultron and Pym have the strngest father-son relationships in comics.

Hank is also know for his various alter-egos, By the late-60s he had already been Ant-Man, Giant Man and Goliath. The constant shape-changing, overusing his serums and various costumes caused him to develop schizophrenia. In another iconic Avengers story Hank is seemingly killed by a new costumed hero, Yellowkacket. Only The Wasp knew it was really Pym and the two, after years of romantic tension, finally married. 

After taking another break from The Avengers, Pym returns. However his personality has regressed even further. He shows more hostility towards Janet and continues to beat villains after they are defeated. This causes Captain America to suspend him from the team until after the verdict of his court-martial. This pushes Pym to the breaking point and he has a complete mental breakdown. Devising a plan to attack the courthouse during his trial using a robot which he will defeat and make himself look like the hero. Janet discovers his plan and he infamously strikes her.

The two eventually divorce and Pym is takes a break from superheroics for a bit. He then joins the West Coast Avengers before returning to The Avengers. Pym has passed down some of his aliases. First Giant-Man and Goliath to Dr. Bill Foster aka Black Goliath. Next he passed his alter-ego Ant-Man to Scott Lang after he stole the costume and Pym particles to help his daughter. 

Hank Pym has been a part of almost every major Marvel event since the beginning and his influence in the Marvel Universe is far-reaching. He’s one of the great comic book characters to portray the inner conflict of someone who wants to do the right thing but doesn’t always due to mental disorders or misguided intentions. He’s also a great character period. 

I don’t know where the hell people get off on blindly hating on original characters.

My biggest writing project to date was a set of four fanfictions, three of which featured and then centred on an OC. She was the child of two canon characters, her design was literally just a recolour of Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist and she had most of the skills that both of her parents possessed (minus a couple of drawbacks which I’m sure people would shout Mary Sue!! at these days). Generally, she just wasn’t the most well crafted OC.

Her friends included a very best friend who just happened to be the daughter of the doctor who had delivered her in the first story and a boyfriend whose parents were “dead” (spoiler alert: he actually turned out to be the son of a witch who was the worst enemy of his girlfriend’s parents in the canon series) and who pretty much fit every shy male archetype you can think of. And to round out her little group of friends, she had one who embodied everything that the “boy pretends that he isn’t smart or nice but gasp!! he’s smart and nice" stereotype could ever hope to be.

But, the main thing was, I loved writing these stories. The canon characters were OOC and I made big plot twists up as I was writing them. I didn’t care about continuity that much, I just loved to write about these characters that were mine. And to see people consistently tearing down OC’s and their creators in a roleplay setting is really sad. Because if I’d been torn down like that by the community I wrote for, I would have been crushed. Writing was an outlet, and I had a few people crying Mary Sue at me and even those few comments inbetween all of the lovely, positive ones were enough to shake me sometimes.

If I’d chosen to roleplay as my main OC (which I considered a few times), I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the greatest endeavour. She had existing relationships everywhere and a generally changing background, which would have made things a pain in the butt. But I see OC creators who are willing to bend over backwards to fit into other people’s canons and they’re still shot down.

Giving OC’s and their creators a chance won’t be the end of the world. Some people just don’t click as RP partners, and I get that. But so often people have put so much time and effort into their characters and they get shot down because people don’t want to take the time to learn about characters that they haven’t just learnt about through watching or reading a series. But it’s so often easy to access an OC’s background, or their relationships, or even little snippets of headcanons to give you an idea about the character. Even if it isn’t a full-blown roleplay, even positivity towards OC’s and their creators is something. 

Youdon’t know what positive feedback and interaction means for an OC creator. For some it could just mean they have a little smile and get back to what they’re doing - but for a lot of others it affects their inspiration and their desire to write, and I think that’s too easily forgotten sometimes.


Hannibal Barca was the leader of military forces against Rome in the Second Punic War; he was considered to be Rome’s greatest enemy. He is known for his army that included elephants.

Hannibal, general of the Carthaginian army, lived in the second and 3rd century B.C. He was born into a Carthaginian military family and made to swear hostility toward Rome. During the Second Punic War, Hannibal swept across southern Europe and through the Alps, consistently defeating the Roman army, but never taking the city itself. Rome counterattacked and he was forced to return to Carthage where he was defeated. He worked for a time as a statesman before he was forced into exile by Rome. To avoid capture by the Romans, he eventually took his own life.

Fear Legacy

It is estimated that 400 towns were destroyed and 300,000 Romans were killed in battles alone during the Hannibal’s invasion.

It has been written that Hannibal stirred everlasting fear in Rome’s society. For generations, Roman housekeepers would tell their children savage tales of Hannibal when they misbehaved in order to frighten them. Since Hannibal had become such a significant figure of terror, Romans began using the term “Hannibal ante portas" (meaning Hannibal is at the gates) to express their fear or anxiety. This famous Latin phrase evolved into a common expression that is often used when a client arrives through the door or when one is faced with calamity. This illustrates the psychological impact Hannibal’s presence in Italy had on Roman Culture.

A grudging admiration for Hannibal is evident in the works of Roman historians such as Livy and Juvenal. The Romans even built statues of the Carthaginian in the very streets of Rome to advertise their defeat of such a worthy adversary.

This fear still lingers in the modern world. In many schools in Rome, and even Italy overall, when a child behaves badly, the teacher will say, “Behave well or Hannibal will come and get you”. 

Hannibal’s legacy also extends to the field of military history, as he is universally ranked as one of the greatest military strategists and tacticians of the Western world.

In fact, his exploits (especially his victory at Cannae) continue to be studied in several military academies all over the world.

I honestly don’t understand this “Amy and Tina are no longer feminists” backlash from the Bill Cosby jokes at the 2015 golden globes. the joke made fun of Cosby, not his victims. the joke was insensitive, tactless, and a mistake, definitely, but it mocked the rapist, not the raped.

also Tina made a (far funnier) joke that night about Amal Alamuddin and her husband George Clooney pointing out Amal’s extremely successful career as a human rights lawyer in comparison to Clooney’s tired acting career that I enjoyed very much and both made a great joke mocking the fact that many consider the civil right’s movement “over” in light of the movie Selma.

Amy has a webseries dedicated to empowering young women (Smart Girls at the Party) for god’s sake. Tina’s book Bossypants also addresses how Tina worked towards making the snl writer’s room a more positive space for women. so yes the joke shouldn’tve been made but I don’t think it was as bad as it was made out to be, and Amy and Tina are working to make this world a more inclusive space for women, so in my eyes it is so incredibly unfair to say they are “no longer feminists” or “not real feminists”. 

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My depression has made me super hostile wtf am I suppose to do

I don’t want to promote bad stuff like drugs, but I mean I used to be pretty angry/aggressive/hostile from anxiety. And weed seemed to solve the problem, but if you don’t smoke Id see a doctor or therapist and see what they can do for you. Hope this helped✖️

pressxtodavid replied to your post:It’s so weird like I don’t necessarily dislike…

Gods, do I hope you’ve got anon switched off. And Lord knows do I agree. Hell, despite everything, I *like* Anders but the way he’s been made untouchable by hostility in the fandom is ridiculous.

nah bro if i do get anon hate it’s kinda proving my point lmao B) besides i’d rather they direct it at me than to someone who has literally been having to deal with explaining their triggers to people all fucking day like what the fuck do you know how awful that is???????

Axel Mathis  28  COO At Krol, Inc. & Owner Of The LA Clippers ✖ Sexual


Axel was born into a very wealthy family. He grew up in Orange County. He got one of the best educations that money could buy. He was the oldest of three. His parents were never meant to be parents, as they were terrible at it. His father, an alcoholic, often subjected Axel to emotional and physical abuse. While all seemed well from an outsider’s view of the family, chaos was boiling underneath. His father always wanted a son that was the macho, alpha male type. Unfortunately, Axel’s feminine looks constantly made his father hostile towards his only son. While

As Axel progressed into high school, and began his phase of teenage rebellion, the beatings got worse and occurred more frequently. His father, being the smart man that he was, made sure he left marks that nobody would see. It wasn’t until one evening that in a drunken rage, his dad broke Axel’s nose. It was that night that Axel decided he needed more independence. After his nose healed, he went to local modeling agencies. He knew he was good looking, and he desperately wanted money to  buy a car as a way of escape.  Landing multiple local modeling jobs, he was able to earn just enough money to purchase a car. His car became Axel’s safe house.

He always did well with his studies, hardly having to try hard to get straight A’s, he got accepted to Stanford University. He joined the Sigma Nu fraternity, becoming extremely popular amongst the student body. Majoring in business, it was clear that he had a shrewd mind for it. As perfect as his grades were, his family always pushed him to do better. His parents were extremely strict, but once he got to college and out of their grasp, he was able to finally have fun.

During college, he  applied for many internships with large business. He knew he could get a decent job. He was the top of his class without trying too hard. He got calls back from most of the places he applied and set up interviews with all of them. His charming personality, and brilliant mind landed him an internship with Krol Inc. It was a perfect place for Axel. He was able to make himself stand out with his new ideas. He was offered a mid-level job his senior year, which he accepted.

The next few years, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder. His paycheck started to sky rocket when people discovered his real value to the company. His charisma, stubbornness, and blunt attitude made him ruthless in the business world. He always got what he wanted. Axel became friends with Phillip Krol, as they were the same age, and had similar ideas. Together, they rose to the top of the company. Axel was always in the spotlight however. He was the one that held the press conferences, and did all the public appearances. He was constantly in the eye of the American public. Always out partying, seen with a new woman each week. He became America’s favorite bachelor and party boy.

During his first year as COO, he and Phillip decided to do some “creative marketing” They committed fraud, by lying to investors about the profits of their company.  Lying about the value of shares, skyrocketed their personal worth. Each of them quickly became extremely rich. Nobody ever caught on due to how well they covered their tracks. Once they got their company to the highest level, they stopped committing fraud in order to keep the company going. But Axel was never above stealing designs and ideas from other people and reimbursing them unfairly. Bribery and bonus checks quickly became a fairly common thing for Axel.

After the LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling was asked to give up the team, Axel found his opportunity for a dream to come true. Ever since he was a boy he loved going to Clippers games. He spent parts of his first paychecks buying terrible tickets just to see the games. Basketball was a huge part of his life and he always dreamed of being a pro-player. Of course, he was never good enough to play past high school, but it was fun for him. Axel jumped at the opportunity to own the team. 

He is an extremely driven man. He likes things done his way, and will speak his mind if something bothers him. Intelligence is important to him and he won’t deal with anyone he deems not important enough.  He is incredibly stern, blunt, and ruthless in business. However, he can be incredibly charming when searching to get something he wants. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he does well with any job he is given. He separates his business life from his personal life, and enjoys the fruits of his hard work immensely. 

Axel began to follow in his father’s footsteps. The stress of the job and the secrets he kept led him to alcohol. It quickly became more than just a few drinks every now and then. Axel spiraled into alcoholism. While he was still able to function at work, his social life dwindled thanks to his drinking. His undiagnosed depression and anxiety were well hidden in the public eye. No matter his mental state, he always managed to force a smile and a wink for the cameras.



FC: Jensen Ackles
Availability: Taken
Writer: Julia

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We need to talk about Sue Marsh @sue2y2

When I first heard Sue Marsh has accepted a senior job with Maximus, I thought it was a joke! I know I may been a bit behind in providing my viewpoint, I was in Orlando about to embark on a Caribbean cruise when the news broke but I still think it is important I put my two pennyworth into the mix as someone who often sees things differently.

The first thing I must explain is that it is no secret I have not got on with Sue Marsh for the majority of the last 5 years, although people may be surprised to know we did get on for a few months until she wobbled on a comment I made, blocked me, and started hostile relations again. So I am very aware many people will read this article and see it as simply sour grapes, but that is not the case. This is my analysis of her appointment.

The first issue to discuss is her health. Unlike some people, I do not question the illnesses she has nor suggest her appointment suggests she is faking it, quite the opposite. Although I believe everyone can work, and she has proven with the right motivation, 75k a year, people will work, I would never suggest to anyone to make the jump she has. I do not believe anyone, sick or not, can go from not working for 20 years to suddenly doing a high powered executive job working 40 hours a week with lots of home work. Throw in long term sickness and it is a dangerous situation waiting to happen. Moving into work in a step by step process to build up hours, experience and confidence. I believe she would have been better being a self-employed consultant for Maximus, where she would have far more control over her terms of employment. She will find it tough and unlikely to survive the pressures physically and emotionally.

Both she and Maximus are crowing about her experience but what experience? The bottom line is she is a self-appointed Labour activist with a very prejudiced viewpoint so had simply moaned on Twitter for five years. As far as I am aware she never been on any formal committees nor worked with existing disability organisations, basically calling them all wrong. I know as a matter of fact she has taken credit for other people’s work. Her infamous blog is full of factual errors, lies, and things she just made up. In her new job, everything she says will be carefully scrutinised and her lies will be quickly exposed and blow up into maybe legal and criminal actions against her and  Maximus as her new array of enemies will play every trick in the book.

The bottom line is she is probably the least experienced disabled person for the job. But this job was a political gimmick and I am sure it was a corrupt backroom deal as the job was designed for her and her alone. The question is now whether this was a fair and proper recruitment and whether her fixed appointment is a breach of European employment law.

The issue that worrying me the most about her appointment is her attitude towards people with high support needs, those she has consistently referred to as profoundly disabled and naturally vulnerable, which shows a level of bigotry I am unwilling to accept. While she is now acknowledging people within the support group can possibly work, those who should be working anyway, I believe she will see her role to ensure more people with high support needs are easily written off and parked on benefits for their entire life out of pity and compassion. My belief comes from her blog and the consistent prejudices towards us. And because she is ‘disabled’, her prejudices will be accepted and celebrated by Maximus and others, ensuring the greater exclusion of disabled people. She has made it very clear to me by email previously she is not interested in the inclusion of disabled people and that now makes her very dangerous as someone nowresponsible for playing god in terms of who is allowed to work, and who is not.

I am unsure she understands what the job is going to be in reality. The tidying up of letters and procedures, the bit she is selling her excuses on, will only take a few months. After this, her main job, whatever the job description says, will be damage limitation as she will be the PR gimmick, the disabled person paid to tell the media and endless conferences how wonderful Maximus is and answer all the accusations of murder, corruption, incompetence and so on. It will be her job to provide endless statements to the Anti-disabled blogger, John Pring, in his vendetta against disabled people and the government. And because she will be paid £1500 each week, she will fool herself into believing in the organisationand quickly be the puppet they wanted.

I believe Sue’s greatest difficulty will be her inability to take criticism as well as her egoistic nature. Sue has never taken criticism very well, blocking anyone on Twitter who challenges her, and while I think she thinks she has prepared herself for the backlash, what she is getting now is extremely mild to what will be coming over the next year. She has easily made herself the most hated disabled person in the UK, knocking me off that spot by miles. How will she coped when she is heckled at conferences or receives the death threats, the same ones she denied ATOS staff received? Most disabled people right now do not know who she is, like they do not know who I am, and will not care about her background, just seeing an evil nasty disabled woman who is against the vulnerable need to be wrote off. Any reputation she had or thinks she had is already gone and even if she resigned today, her credibility with anyone is lost.

For me, if there was a battle between myself and Sue, she is just let me win. It is interesting that I got a lot of stick for trying to work with ATOS as a consultant on my terms. The reality is the only money I had was my travel expenses back from the only meeting I had with them. I did not sell out because I remain consistent in my agenda and methods, working as a consultant, being paid to tell them how crap they were. Sue has sold out because they own her and what she can now say in and out of work. I am sure they will require up her stop her anti-government blog and curb her tongue, because that is what they are paying her for. I think the real reason I was given a beating is because I believe in the abilities of everyone, and this offends the bigotry of those opposed to the inclusion of disabled people. Therefore, the fact Sue remained prejudiced may rescue her from the worst attacks.

So with all this information, my prediction is that for one or more reasons Sue and Maximus will decide to mutually go their separate ways within six months, and it will probably be as a result of her health situation as well as a couple of out of court settlement caused by inappropriate things she has said in her role.

The big question to ask is do I need to work with her and will she work with me? She is now paid to be nice to me and listen to what I say politely, even if she simply ignores it. Whether she will be prepared to do this and for example show good faith by unblocking me on Twitter is another matter! But is there any point to trying to work with her? WCA/ESA is a dying project that needs replacing with something better and I think I want to focus my energy on being a part of the solution, since she has chosen to remain a part of the problem!

- If you like what I say, have a look at my website at or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74

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