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Sé que estamos jodidos, ¿De acuerdo? Soy impulsivo y tengo mal genio, y te metiste bajo mi piel como nadie más. Actúas como si me odiaras un minuto, y luego como si me necesitaras al siguiente. Nunca acierto en nada, y no te merezco… pero estoy malditamente enamorado de ti, Abby. Te amo más de lo que he querido a nadie ni nada, nunca. Cuando estás cerca, no necesito alcohol, ni dinero, ni lucha, o algo de una sola noche… todo lo que necesito es a ti. Tú eres en todo lo que pienso. Eres todo lo que soñé. Eres todo lo que quiero.
—  Travis Maddox [Beautiful Disaster]

Spider-Woman’s Big Ass is a Big Deal!

Beautiful Disaster

-No, simplemente estoy cabreada contigo.

-He estado bebiendo, ¿vale? Tu piel estaba a dos centímetros de la mía, eres guapa y hueles increíblemente bien cuando sudas. ¡Te besé, lo siento! ¡Supéralo!

Su disculpa me hizo esbozar una sonrisa.

-¿Crees que soy guapa?

Frunció el ceño con disgusto.

-Eres una preciosidad y lo sabes. ¿Por qué sonríes?


This film shows that there’s a hero in all of us and maybe we can discover that for ourselves. Can you share a moment in your life with where you found out that you were stronger than you thought you were? I am sure there were many.

"Yeah, every day I am questioning. When I became a mum, because it was obviously a slightly different experience for me because I didn’t give birth to my first child, and suddenly he was there and I picked him up at the airport. (laughs) And he was six months old and we were just in this room alone together in this house. I was in Africa and I didn’t quite know how I was going to meet that challenge, and I couldn’t believe that I was somebody’s mother, and in that moment I realised that in an instant your life actually belongs to somebody else and every choice you make is going to affect this other person.So now you will step up and you will be the best version of yourself, because you have to be. And I remember the first time he got hurt, and I said, ‘Oh it’s fine, it’s all fine,’ and then you realise, ‘Oh, now you are that person.’ You are the person that says it’s all fine and with total confidence that you will make it fine because that’s your job now to make it fine. You are not the one crying anymore.” Angelina Jolie.


Spider-Woman’s Big Ass is a Big Deal!

This is one of Maddox’s best videos ever. Here’s the article.