Q: What happened to your first love?

I met her in a bar in Budapest (Laughter). Not as romantic as a forest covered in flowers on horseback. No, it was a bar in Budapest, a ruin bar. They have all these ruin bars, these abandoned buildings and they filmed so many different television films out there and yet I met Jenna in a bar and got her a cocktail and she’s still with me, yeah.

—  Richard Madden on meeting Jenna (x)
I believe in love at first sight and hindsight. I don’t believe that you’re kind of in the moment and going “Oh, I’m falling in love with you right now.” I think you kind of look back and go oh, I fell in love. That was love at first sight.
—  Richard Madden (x)

Problems with TS3 again.

Now, for the first time in two years, I got error 12 while saving. I’m convinced that my game wants me to make new save once a generation. This must be some sort of conspiracy of EA games.. Damn it. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to solve this but no success. Nothing seems to help. Seeing that .bad save file makes me angry.

I need some time to think of a story that makes sense with changing neighborhood AGAIN. Anyway, I’ll be playing in the smallest town I have which is Hidden Springs. Back to the original town with Maddens.