“I hate that ‘love your curves’ stuff. Real women are real women whether that be a size 6 or a size 26, slim or bigger. Brains are all the same. We need to stop making out other people are bad to make us feel better. Your life wouldn’t be better if you had a flat stomach. You’d still have bills and problems.”

  • Most murder mystery stories:our followers don't know anything about this setting or these people so we can drop a few things that seem like obvious hints but we'll do our best to make the actual killer an absurd mystery so the reveal is a surprise to everyone
  • Ten Little Roosters:our followers have a disturbing level of knowledge about our history and personal attitudes so literally everything we do will be an obvious hint, we'll drown them in obvious hints and literally turn the viewers' assumptions into a plot element, for all they know we're lying and Joe the Cat is the real killer