What if Bruce Wayne is actually in Arkham the whole time and Batman is just a delusion he has. All of his ‘villains’ are the orderlies and doctors who work there.

“Poison Ivy” is the nurse who sedates him when he gets out of control

“Two-Face” is an abusive orderly who acts nice when the doctors are around and then beats up the patients when their backs are turned

“Riddler” is a therapist who asks him questions that he has a hard time answering

“Mad Hatter” is a hypnotherapist who Bruce is convinced is trying to brainwash him

and of course his arch-nemesis..

“Dr. Joe Car” and his assistant “Dr. Harleen Quinzel” see Bruce as their top patient, both desperately trying to bring the man back to sanity, and Batman will fight with all he has to protect gotham from “Joker” and “Harley Quinn”

Those things you hate about yourself....

You loved them in your favorite characters.

Your crazy hair:

Your stand out scar:

Your unique laugh:

Your freckles:

Your shyness:

The way you get excited about the little things:

Maybe you’re a little crazy:

Maybe you wish you could change yourself:

But if you did change… There would never be any good stories. 

Let your unique traits shine through. 

Because every thing you call a “flaw”, I call an important character trait. 

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter goes up to the counter and orders a venti green tea. “Sorry,” says the barista, “but it’s 10pm. We’re closed.”

“IT’S SIX O’CLOCK!” shouts the Mad Hatter. “TEA TIME!”
The barista points to the clock on the back wall. “See?” she says. “It’s 10pm.”

“NO!” screams the Mad Hatter, smashing every time-keeping device in sight. “IT IS SIX O’CLOCK  AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE SIX O’CLOCK!”

The barista resigns herself to a fate of continuously filling cups of tea on every table as the Hatter sprints maniacally around the shop, rubbing butter all over his pocket watch.

Ah, well. At least she’ll always have her cat.