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itshighlyunlikely asked:

Hi there, I'm a big big fan of yours :). I have been thinking about the very first episode, when Sherlock and John come to the restaurant and Angelo says without hesitation to Sherlock, Anything for you and your date. I'm thinking that this is a confirmation that Angelo knows that Sherlock is gay, and that he might even have seen Sherlock with other dates, in the past. Because why else would he say something like that, with such confidence? Would be interesting to hear what you think! Cheers!

Most of the people who care about Sherlock say things like that. His brother and his landlady think he’s gay, and Mrs Hudson admits that he’s never been in a relationship to her knowledge, but she makes that assumption more than anyone. Why is that?

I’ve said this before, and I see others have suggested that it’s natural for people to assume someone like Sherlock is gay. 

Here’s the thing about that: straight people pretty much never assume someone who hasn’t expressed an explicit attraction to the opposite sex is gay. Unless a man fits the flamboyant, limp-wristed and lisping stereotype of a gay man (which Sherlock is not), straight people will 99.9% of the time not question their core assumption that everyone they meet is straight, and sometimes not even a stereotype will makes them twig. Exhibit A: there were people who were surprised to discover that Liberace was gay. 

This is heterosexism and it is rampant. It’s the reason why gay people have to keep coming out their whole lives, forever, every time they meet new people, because in the English-speaking world, people tend to assume that everyone is straight until they are forcibly corrected. That’s the reason why coming out is even a thing. It is intensely boring. Because of this reality, it seems unlikely to me that people like Angelo and Mrs Hudson are making entirely baseless assumptions about Sherlock’s sexual orientation. I mean this isn’t middle school. They would have had some evidence to behave with such certainty, and it would have had to have been some pretty blatant evidence.

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