A lovely art-related Pokémon PSA

I see lots of people reblog comparisons between the new ORAS artwork and the old artwork while commenting on how much Sugimori’s improved and it makes my heart ache. 

Sugimori has not drawn human Pokémon character artwork since GEN V. He only draws the pokémon themselves now.

Yes, Sugimori redesigned his own characters. But the new style we’ve been seeing since GEN V BELONGS TO YUSUKE OHMURA. Ohmura has drawn all the human artwork since GEN V.

So, people are comparing two different artist’s artwork to each other thinking it was all one person. Ohmura isn’t getting his credit. 

It’s painful to watch because this is art that isn’t getting credited to the right person, and I know plenty of people who reblog Pokémon art who are ALL FOR giving credit where credit is due! This isn’t any different from that. It makes me sad to see Ohmura overshadowed by Sugimori when he isn’t even making the official art being used for these redesigns anymore.

I’d appreciate more people learning which artist draws what. It’s really painful to see people go “Look how much X artist improved!!” when it was really Y artist who drew those “after” pictures. It’s sad to see an artist get overshadowed because another has a bigger name.

Thanks for your time.