Contest Meal Prep at 17 Weeks Out-

Today consisted of :
➡️Perfect macros
➡️Lots of water
➡️and a doodle walk 🐶🙊
The only thing I’m a bit disappointed with is I didn’t get a chance to do my strong lifts app work out, but there is always tomorrow 😊
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I actually thought I’d gone over on calories much worse than this today, so not too bad. (My goal is 2000, regardless of exercise). When I get tired, I tend to eat more, so honestly, not unhappy with this small overage. Carbs a tad high too, but mainly from the leftover spaghetti squash, so … meh, not so worried about that. Gotta have veggies, right?

Water pretty good, got in 112 ounces.

Now I’m going to get my shower and die … or go to sleep, at least. 

Goodnight, tumblr!

When I say macros matter, I mean that they matter in the sense that they determine your body composition in terms of your diet. So just because you’re eating the right number of calories does not mean 1) you are eating the right food or 2) you will get to where you want to be. Macros ultimately calculate into calories. 1 carb gram = 4 cals, 1 protein gram = 4 cals, 1 fat gram = 9 cals. So you can eat 2000 calories, but if the ratio of carb to protein to fat is not conducive to the body composition you would like, you will not see the particular results you want! You can eat “clean,” but be loading up on way too much protein and fat but not enough carbs. Just because you eat “clean” does not mean you are eating for your goals. This is why you see people who eat to fit their macros see results while people who stick to strict, “clean,” unpersonalized diets struggle more often than not. Eating a well-rounded, healthy, strategic diet will help you. There is so much information online. How do you figure your macro ratios? Start with determining your body type because that usually is a good stepping stone to understanding how your general group/body type handles certain ratios of macros. Then go from there. Track how you’re doing, pay attention, make changes after a couple weeks if you’re not seeing progress. Do not kid yourself, be honest in your accountability. There is a lot of info in my FAQ and a ton of other blogs. There is even more info off Tumblr. Do your research, educate yourself. Don’t be a baby bird, get your own goddamn worm. You need to equip yourself with knowledge so that you can be in control of your goals.


Should I bulk yet? I’m hungryyy for them carbs :( Progress though, so much progress though, just when I don’t think I’m making anyway. Now hmm when to start reverse dieting?? I haven’t actually lost any weight, but I’ve been eating less and i’m pretty sure I’ve lost fat, so if I can keep this BF and gain muscle i’d be a very happy gal. Cringe for that photo though sorry if you know me in real life lol, but I’m a little proud of my body for once.

wednesday ... things?
  • I knocked over the (tiny, cute) Christmas tree this morning and water went everywhere. Good job, Al.
  • I started a new book last night and of course I stayed up too late. 
  • I didn’t want to stay at work to work out last night, but I was feeling blobby so I did tabata squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, hip bridges and plank. It was terrible. But also three cheers for working out while Scott and I watched TV.
  • Counting macros is going well, but I’m already getting a little stressed about going out to eat. We have a girls night thing for work on Friday and it’s so easy for me to just say “eff it” when I can’t track perfectly. Brain, stop being so crazy.
  • I think I’m going up to 90 for my push presses tonight, and that’s real heavy for me. 
  • We got an Assault bike for the gym. Someone tell me what to do on it. Thanks.