I think it’s funny cause like you can joke that because you legalized gay marriage you outlawed straight marriage but like those states that stopped giving out marriage licenses altogether to avoid gay marriage LITERALLY outlawed straight marriage so if you want to thank anyone for destroying traditional marriage it would be the fuckers who fought the hardest for it so fuck them

Here’s a message to the people who just don’t get it:
Love is love.
There is no difference.
Not a medication to fix it.
There is no prescription.
No rehab to visit.
It is not an addiction.
It’s love and it’s selfless.
It’s yours and everybody else’s.
So don’t badger and abuse the solemnly defenseless.
See us as yourself.
There’s no equality in difference.
Until we all get it, we’ll be drowning in the same blood.
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love.
—  Same love - Angel Haze (cover)