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Yeah he really has grown over the years, from this little scrawny kid trying to get onto shows to that crazy guy stringing up Briscoes and cutting awesome promos. I appear to be typing in rhyme now… Have you seen any of the Jimmy /Lacey story?

His character seems to have built so damn well too. Kudos to the bookers who thought that, and to Jimmy who acted it out PERFECTLY. As for the Jimmy/Lacey story, I just watched the final break up, when Lacey comes out to stop Jimmy to split him in two, lol xD


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Me too, that’s when I stopped buying the dvd’s for a while so I still haven’t seen that other than in photos or in the videowire. I wish I hadn’t got burned out on ROH then cos I missed out on the whole AOTF v Briscoes/Aries/Lacey etc story

Even on Wiki it doesn’t list it in any possible dvd! :( But from what I’m reading, that storyline looks pretty much amazing and filled with everything. From the romance, to the action, to the psychos, to heroes and family. It was during that time that Mark wasn’t able to compete due an injury, and Jay decided to give up the titles instead of finding a new partner…looks pretty well done!