I would never have to ask Jazmin for a photoshoot she’s one of my main subjects. I’m almost sure I have more than a hundred photos of her. I don’t mind I take pictures of her for a reason. She’s one of my favorite people , and the most interesting type of person. 

First photo is us in the subway , we were on the wrong side but it’s alright. I was trying to catch her in her natural state but she kept moving closer every time i moved away. (Taken in a New York subway)

Second photo is what we call (and what MoMa might actually call as well) “The Elephant Room” It’s one of their best exhibitions right now. Jazmin was probably saying “Oh doo doo doo doo that cute little baby elephant” in her head. (Taken at MoMa)

Third photo is her reading a description of a woman laying down if I remember correctly. Either way most people just briefly looked but Jazmin (and myself after a few photos) were one of the few that took time to read it. As you can see she really gets into her art. (Taken at MoMa)

I one day plan to make a booklet with Jazmins photos. Thanks for being one of my main subjects. 


This was Thursday , June 20th 2013.

I graduated highschool , it took one extra year. People make fun of me for it but I am proud I didn’t drop out or fail again. I’m happy it’s finally over for a bit. Honestly I didn’t know all these people would show up. I didn’t think I’d get balloons or gifts or anything. I just thought it’d be whatever but this is just another great day in the life of Erika. I love everyone in the pictures above , I wouldn’t be anywhere without em. Shit. 


This was on Friday , June 21st 2013.

I had this little shin dig at my house. A small bbq for you know my closest friends. It really was fun as fuck. Just seeing all my dearest friends in one area all having fun and socializing and there for me ya know. It was really great I felt tipsy. Haha it was cooler towards the end of the night yeah but anyway it was still chill. Nothing crazy. I liked it.


This was (Today) Saturday , June 22nd 2013. 

Today was cool. I woke up beside Margo and it was cool cause we just did nothing for awhile then got ready. We ate brunch at Stacks Pancake House in Hoboken with Lynsey and Jazmin. After that we headed to Brooklyn to the TropFest. It was really cool , I got into a little argument with some black dude on the subways. Anyway enough about getting into another fight , we got to the park….what a walk. It was nice tho we listened to some neon indians and chairlifts stuff then we watched loads of short films. It was honestly great. I was going to try and end the night better but…the day totally was long and exhausting. Hope to go to more festivals. 


I woke up at 2am and laid on my bed looking at my ceiling , to my window and back again to the ceiling. Doing nothing for hours finally sparked up a fun activity to do on a Tuesday afternoon. 

I told myself I’d document most of what I did all day by taking pictures and notes and it’s what I did. These are I guess the highlights of today. 

Have fun reading this.

5:52AM - I declare I’d document my day 

6:00AM - Bobo wakes up next to me scratching his ears 

8:26AM - I brushed my teeth

8:53AM - I donated money for Autism

8:57AM - I also walked for Autism 

10:26AM - Finally out of school 

10:45AM - I visit the Andrade sisters

12:15PM - Happy Birthday Dad

1:36PM - I gave my dad his present

2:11PM - I started blowing bubbles

2:16PM - Margo blows bubbles with me

2:38PM - I eat french fries and Margo watches , also went to get bread for the birds

3:18PM - Margo and I feed the ducks and geese

3:44PM - We are listening to this guy playing guitar

4:46PM - I picked Margo a flower

4:50PM - Saw a guy holding pigeons

5:40PM - I went to sleep