One thing I don’t undertand in comics is characters talking with their mouths closed. You see it all the time in mainstream books. I’m certain there’s a point when I was drawing comics that I flipped from not even thinking about the closed mouth talkers (my early stuff is full of them) to really hating them. It completely punctures the reality of a panel for me if someone’s talking with their mouth closed.

The various stories of Nikola Tesla getting screwed over by a variety of people in his career - notably Thomas Edison and J. P. Morgan - are many.  This photograph depicts some machinery left on-site at Wardenclyffe - Tesla’s last standing laboratory, and a testament to a man with a vision that was constantly impeded by those around him.  Constructed between 1898 and 1901, Wardenclyffe - a Stanford White-designed laboratory building with a 180-foot tower behind it - was to be Tesla’s main laboratory, and the inventor moved all of his operations into it in 1902.  However, when Morgan - ever putting the increasing of his personal wealth ahead of the betterment of society - discovered in 1904 that Tesla intended not only the wireless transmission of telegraphs, but the wireless transmission of electricity, he pulled his funding.  As the greedy financier pointed out, you couldn’t put a meter on free, wireless electricity for all.  The laboratory was abandoned, and Tesla began to mentally collapse, eventually fading into obscurity and dying in poverty in New York.

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Heya there, have you got any tips on writing Steampunk?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and features steam powered machinery. What makes steampunk very interesting is the futuristic feel set in the past. This feel comes from the setting very often being an alternate timeline of the past or an alternate universe. Most of these stories take place in Victorian England, the wild west, Gothic horror or post apocalyptic worlds. So the first thing to do would be decide where you want to set this story. If you are going to go the AU route you need to think about what in your universe is different from our own, and how that effected the world. If you’re going to go the post-apocalyptic route you have to think about what ended the world of tech as we know it and why steam is now the power source of choice. Once that’s done start plotting out the story as you would any other. The theme comes first and after that it’s no different from any other story. Just remember that anything that came before steam power is either upgraded or existent and anything that existed after steam power is made steam accessible or nonexistent.

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Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere. Skepticism enables us to distinguish fancy from fact, to test our speculations. The Cosmos is rich beyond measure — in elegant facts, in exquisite interrelationships, in the subtle machinery of awe.
—  Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Michael Reedy
Flesh/blood/bone—the mechanics of our inner workings, all that about us that an inspection of our organic machinery can’t explain, spectres of spirituality and the infinite ladders of imagination…Michael Reedy’s works fuse all that base biology and heady metaphysics in fine-lined, gaunt-hued, classical-modern studies that arch with studied humanness and comic whimsy.



The steady beeping and hissing of machinery is all that can be heard in the JPs medical wing. Hibiki had been injured badly in a fight against some demons and Otome had to keep him sedated until he recovered fully. Being caught off guard by a demon was always a risk and unfortunately this time Hibiki had not been careful enough. As he slept, the noir was unaware of the newcomer entering the infirmary.

Chicago Wk 11 D5

According to the Hansons schedule, tonight was to be a tempo run. According to the temp at the start of this run it was going to be no such thing.


I love summer.  I love walking out at night and it’s still in the 80’s.  I’m so cold blooded that these temperatures make me happy.  I’m not acclimated to the heat as this is really the first hot streak we’ve had.

After my less than stellar run Tuesday night, I followed through with turning off the virtual pacer on my Garmin and just ran at whatever pace. I had to stop and catch my breath.  A lot.  I suppose I shouldn’t pause my watch when I do that but let’s not totally crush my soul mmmkay?


It’s amazing how fast one can run when the last 1.5 miles is through a barren stretch of road, past heavy machinery, it’s dark and the street lights are all out for some reason…

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Zeico awakes to the sounds of mad tinkering in the workshop. Ral, fueled by a haze of ingenuity, is deep in the throes of invention. "Blast it. Maybe, I combine the mana streams into a symmetrical flow I can amplify the amount of power channeled..."

Zeico is so used to the whirrs and buzzing of machinery and Ral’s rambling she is tempted to just curl back up in the bed for a few more minutes. Well until a stray spark quite literally jolts her awake.

She rolls out of bed and drags a blanket with her to the floor. “Ral? What are you doing this early?” she asks with a yawn. 

Hollow Fragment Battle Skills: Precise [PS Vita | CN/EN]

Skill Category: Precise


[Precision Machinery] (Passive Skill)
Passive Skill “Precision Machinery" Always Active.
  • Accuracy +10%


[Target Sight] (Battle Skill) SP: 0
Greatly Increases HIT Chance temporarily.
  • HIT +30


[Dexterity] (Battle Skill) SP: 0
Temporarily increases DEX and reduces skill Recovery Time.
  • DEX +15%
  • Cooldown -10%


[Double Hand] (Battle Skill) SP: 50
Increases the chance of Double Attack and Crit Chance.
  • Critical Chance +10%
  • Double Attack +20%


[PFT Style] (Battle Skill) SP:
For a while, weapon attacks can’t miss and Critical Chance will increase.
  • Critical Chance +10%
  • SP Restore +300
  • Accuracy +100%

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Eliza [YTOD]

closed with youretheonedrowning

Alex is stretched out lazily on the couch, his head resting in Lykos’ lap as he wrestles with the wiring for an optic sensor and enjoying the feeling of Lykos’ fingers in his hair. He sighs a little as a bit of his machinery falls back into the wrong position and jumps when the doorbell rings. Alex rolls off the couch and drops the tools into Lykos’ lap, launching himself easily to his feet and padding over to the door to open it. He leans against the door frame easily, bare feet crossed at the ankles, and almost falls over when he realizes who it is.

"W-what are you doing h-here?” he asks incredulously, scrambling to stand up straight and hide the note of panic in his voice.

Hey dudes, it’s Shannon with FREAKIN’ EXCITING NEWS! What you’re looking at above is an exclusive, limited cover for the upcoming ADVENTURE TIME mini-series MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1 by acclaimed web cartoonist and awesome dude John Allison. If you’re not reading BAD MACHINERY, his comic about clever youths solving crazy mysteries, you are missing the heck out! It is one of my favorite comics!

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