"Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations." {x}

sammi-angelina said:

Hello! I've been a vegan for about a month now and I wanted to start cooking and baking! But I don't have / can't afford a food processor or a blender or any of those fancy food machines. I'm also sort of clueless as to what vegan products I can buy as in like for baking? Like flour, salt, sugar? Could you do like a round up on recipes that don't require fancy machinery and a round up on vegan basics? I would appreciate it so much! Thank you and have a good day!

Hey! So a couple links I suggest you check out: my vegan resource masterpost (there are lots of links and info that are helpful for new vegans including vegan starter kits, vegan alternatives, vegan on a budget, grocery shopping and much more) and my vegan pantry (I made a list of ingredients in my kitchen and included recipes for each item). Regarding your baking products question, flour and salt should be fine, but sugar you need to be careful of. I buy sugar that specifies that it’s vegan (if you want to, read up here on why some sugars are not vegan). If you’re able to, I suggest downloading Is It Vegan? to help with your grocery shopping (you literally scan an item and it will tell you if it’s vegan or not). Whenever I bake, I don’t use any blenders/food processors (mainly just a bowl, wooden spoon, pan and oven). You can make cookies, cake, cupcakes, donuts, brownies and more. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by vegan basics but I’ll give it a shot. Try out vegan milks, tempehtofu, nutritional yeast and spices. You’ll use vegan milks in baking and you can always add it to granola, oatmeal or just to dunk some homemade cookies in. Tempeh is my favorite meat alternative; cut it up and throw it in a stir fry (it’s even good right out of the package). Tofu is great for tofu scrambles; I think learning how to work with tofu comes with time and practice. I think nutritional yeast is important because it honestly makes any dish more delicious and gives it a cheesy taste: enchiladas, mac and cheese, burgers, literally throw it on anything and I’m sure it would be delicious (do not throw it on cats, though); heads up: it is a bit on the pricy side. Spices! Spices are the most important to me. You can stock up on them and use them in everything you cook and they make any meal a billion times better. Experiment with them and you’ll find which are your favorites for different dishes. There’s a list of spices that I often use in my vegan pantry link up above (as well as a lot of recipes that I think you might find helpful). Check out these easy vegan recipes. I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I hope it is (I’m really tired/I tried to put it together the best that I could). Here’s to being vegan for life (high five).

Whisking gallons of double cream in a bowl as big as a baby elephant and lifting heavy machinery meant that my right bicep was soon much bigger than my left one. I mentioned this once to a colleague who replied, ‘Oh, that’s nothing. Just wait until your sleeve stops fitting on one arm and you have to buy a bigger size to accommodate it.’

summonerquillot said:

"Oh uhm, excuse me." Quillot says, bowing as he scrambled to pick up the book he had dropped on robotics, fixing his askew glasses as he looked up at the girl he had bumped. For some reason, she hadn't even shifted when he hit her... Probably just him being weak and all that.

The masked girl slowly turned around and saw the young man. Her eyes suddenly darted to the books. 

"I’m sorry for blocking the way…" she said apologetically, her eyes still locked on the books. She didn’t know she was in the way of anyone and the last thing people would usually do is go near her.

She knelt down along with the young summoner and helped him pick up the fallen books. Her eyes widened at the titles she saw.

"Y-you’re… interested in machinery?" she slowly said as she browsed through the pages of the one she was currently holding.


Destiny: A new hope, unfulfilled.

The cinematic that opens Destiny establishes itself as taking place in the present day, but everything about it—the spacesuits, the capsule design—seemed to me to take its cues from the science fiction films of the 1970s. I wound up feeling this way about so much of the game’s look. The technology I encountered in human installations on other planets that had fallen into ruin looked not like I now expect the machinery of the future will look, but how I think someone in 1977 might have thought the machinery of the future would look…


…and the fonts and iconography throughout the game all made me feel like I was on the elaborate set of a film from that era.



And it makes sense. I think our shared idea of what spacefaring science fiction looks like is still shaped by films like Alien and Star Wars, that there haven’t been new visions that have captured the collective imagination in the same way. So if you want to tap into notions of myth and magic among the stars, you look to those films for inspiration. Destiny wants to feel just a bit grounded. It’s set in our solar system, not a galaxy far, far away, after all, and those aspects of its design that remind me more of films like Alien—the corporate logos, the boxy, practical, industrial designs of some locations—give its universe a rough-around-the-edges, working-class feel that I find appealing. But Destiny is far more space opera than hard sci-fi, and it was Star Wars that I found myself reminded of again and again as I played the game. More specifically, it was the way I felt about Star Wars as a child.

In the opening cinematic, you’re introduced to the Traveler, a massive orb of unknown origin that’s embroiled in a timeless struggle against evil. What is its nature? Its very existence suggests the transcendent, that our universe is not just a place of science but of magic, too. 


And I can imagine myself as a child lying awake wondering about the true nature of the Traveler in the same way that, as a child in the early 80s, my imagination was captured by the idea of the Force. The religious beliefs my parents tried to instill in me didn’t take, but films stirred in me a desire to believe that there could be things in this universe that we can never fully understand. Destiny makes gestures in this direction, too. Sadly, they end up being empty ones.

And very early on, I loved the idiosyncratic look of my character. 


The game’s narrative doesn’t develop your character at all, but to me, her look suggested that this was a person with an interesting story. I was reminded of the rogues gallery of bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back, most of whom get almost no screen time, but whose looks are so distinctive and memorable that as a child, I was thrilled by the idea of their stories, and the larger universe their existence seemed to suggest.


I wanted the action figures for them, so that I could create their stories on my own.


And as I played through Destiny’s hollow story, a story full of vague mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t mean anything at all and is only the flimsiest excuse to send you from Earth to the moon to Venus to Mars, killing things all the while, this was the feeling that I kept coming back to. That I was playing with elaborate playsets and action figures that suggested stories and that have tremendous potential to tell them, but that don’t actually bother to do it. I honestly have absolutely no idea what it is I’m supposed to have accomplished at the game’s conclusion. There were words suggesting that my actions aided the Traveler in some way but there seems to be no stirring of whatever technology or spirit lies at the heart of the massive orb, which leaves me feeling like the game’s early hints of suggesting something transcendent or of telling a story that means something are just empty promises, nothing more than a framework for delivering its shooting mechanics and progression systems. Of course these things—the actual “game” part of Destiny—are refined and enjoyable. But because Destiny doesn’t follow through on the potential it establishes, they also end up feeling soulless, unlike the sci-fi the game seems to take its inspiration from. 

I’m glad Destiny exists. I enjoyed the time I spent in its richly visualized locations. I just wish the game matched the richness of their design in other ways. Instead, it leaves it up to me to imbue its characters and its locations with life. Destiny is a universe full of potential, but for now that potential is almost as dormant and undefined as the Traveler itself.

anonymous said:

Okay so, you & ashton go on a date at the theme park and you wanna go on every roller coaster but he's secretly scared of those monstrous rides. He goes on it anyway, and keeps holding your hand because he feels safe with you

Ashton could never resist you, especially when you had the widest, most innocent eyes and the brightest of smiles as you jumped up and down with your intertwined fingers still in tact. Even if you were pointing toward the giant roller coasters on the opposite side of the theme park he’d brought you to on a date, the side of the park that seemingly didn’t exist to him as he always avoided it. Because truth be told, bulky, muscle stacked Ashton Irwin was scared of roller coasters, but he wouldn’t let anyone other than his mum know that. So you don’t even see his moments hesitation as he is suddenly being dragged in that direction and plopped straight in the middle of a line to ride the tallest piece of machinery he’d ever witnessed that could easily topple upon itself in seconds. But none the less, he’s never complaining, just calming his hammering heartbeat on his own and periodically wiping his palm against his jeans so you don’t feel the light sweat that’s starting to appear. And you are too caught up in your excitement that you don’t even realize until the ride attendants are pulling down your lap bars that he’s visible shaken and you’re questioning, “Ash, are you okay?” And he’s shrugging and offering a forced smile as he reaches over to grasp your hand, threading his long fingers into the spaces between yours as he states, “I’m okay when I’m with you.” And you’re not sure what the sudden swell in your heart and stomach is from; the immense amount of love you feel for your boyfriend that will do absolutely anything to see you smile, or the fact that you just plummeted three hundred feet at a speed of sixty miles and hour.

Safe clothes for women war workers. A closeup of Eunice’s new uniform reveals one of its most important safety factors: the tight-buttoning trouser ankles which prelude the possibility of a loose trouser’s catching in moving machinery. Note also the sturdily built, comfortable safety shoes, with box toe which helps protect the wearer from falling objects. Bendix Aviation Plant, Brooklyn, New York  

Ann Rosener

March 1943

I had a dream about Giovanni last night (or should I say nightmare?). I was in some sort of hideout, but it wasn’t Team Rocket’s HQ. It was more like… a torture chamber or an abandoned factory. I saw Giovanni there and he invited me to stay for a while, and, fearing for my life, I couldn’t refuse such an invitation. We drank a bottle of sake he offered me gently, and discussed about our goals and plans like old friends. In the drunken state I was - it’s fascinating how you can feel the unreal even when you’re asleep -, he kissed me and there was little resistance, so we continued our little affair and went to sleep afterwards. Still fearing my surroudings, I took an infinite staircase and at the bottom there was some kind of machinery. Huge machines, which emanated some sort of vicious red light. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. It was like I was in a Silent Hill game, but much worse. 

And then… I saw him, standing there. Archie. He was bleeding and crying, asking for my help. I approached him and I could hear Giovanni’s furious steps coming closer and closer, so I rushed my way to the exist, carrying the unfortunate fool. The last thing I saw was the Team Rocket leader approaching us with a knife on his hand. 


jvst-an-idea said:

I imagine Ghoul being a high ranking Drac, too. Maybe even having his own kind of mask that was later painted into his Killjoy mask? The purple Frankenstein one. I dunno, I like the idea and maybe that's why I imagine he's so good with BL machinery

One of the comic issues actually has a fake advertisement that mentions a “Frankuloid” mask. I always wonder what Frankuloids are supposed to be. Never seen them mentioned apart from that, except for the fact that Ghoul wears one of those masks.

Kafka” [means] perceiving a ..machinery of..jouissance. ..The dignified..Law looks like..a ruthless power whose message to..its subjects is: “I can do whatever I want with you!
—  Slavoj Zizek

One thing I don’t undertand in comics is characters talking with their mouths closed. You see it all the time in mainstream books. I’m certain there’s a point when I was drawing comics that I flipped from not even thinking about the closed mouth talkers (my early stuff is full of them) to really hating them. It completely punctures the reality of a panel for me if someone’s talking with their mouth closed.

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