Time for fall adventures! Take out your camera, your best plush little toy aaaaand go out and discover!

100% cotton sweater for 7-8 yrs
{custom sizes are welcome}
contact me if you want one!

Sonbahar maceralarının başlama zamanı!Fotoğraf makinanızı ve en sevdiğiniz oyuncağınızı yanınıza alıp keşfetmeye çıkın!!100% pamuk  7-8 yaş için

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Look what I got in the sock swap at 221b Con!  novemberalexander created these by spinning the yarn, then hand-dyeing it so it would self-stripe.  No, seriously.  Look at that.  Look how incredibly even the striping turned out.  That was hand-done.  And then he cranked an antique circular sock machine to make up the socks.  They are so beautiful.  Oh!  And he packaged them in an evidence bag!  

The bottom row shows three pairs I brought to the swap:  Purple Socks of Sex, In Fact You’re an Army Doctor, and Bridesmaid socks.

Thank you to notverygoodatflyingaeroplanes for running the swap and avawatson and penns-woods for suggesting it!