Machiavelli goes up to the counter and orders four espressos. He begins systematically placing his cups of coffee on tables, kicking out all of the previous customers, and bartering with the baristas until he is in full control of the shop. He begins taking over numerous Starbucks locations throughout the city, and he rises through the ranks until he becomes the new CEO of the company. He has completely reorganized the power structure of the company, although a few baristas have been mysteriously killed. It doesn’t matter. The ends justify the means.

MONSTERS AND MAGIC | Machiavelli's Princess (requested by henrrywinter)

He thinks he owns her. They all do. In the streets they cry out for her; queen, saint, saviour. They clamber at the palace gates, and she opens her arms to them. They think she’s a fairy-tale, but she is a knife in the dark, a poisoned chalice. She will own every last golden apple.

He thinks the kingdom is his, but she could have him replaced. The barons are under her thumb; the general dreams of falling into her bed. She bears her husband daughters and teaches them to smile. If a man ever tries to make you love him, she tells them, crush him under your heel.