I was cleaning tonight and came across a few things…So in honor of Megan & Liz’s new E.P. release Simple Life on June 3rd (Soooo pumped!!!) i’m doing a little giveaway! The 2 photos contain two separate prizes, so there can be 2 winners!

Rules to win are ONLY REBLOGS COUNT. MUST BE FOLLOWING ME IN ORDER TO WIN (i will check, ladies & gents!) & REBLOG AS MUCH AS YOU’D LIKE! Spread the word if you want! Everyone has an equal chance of winning, as far as i know i can ship to just about anyone & everywhere- so those of you from different countries are more than welcome to participate! (You’re also welcome to reblog using as many different blogs as you have, but even if you win both you won’t get both. I’ll just choose a new winner. Gotta keep it fair) 

Have fun & good luck to all of you, remember to keep requesting Simple Life on radio here!!


1) Megan & Liz limited edition Raspberry Lemonade Ringpop!

Discontinued ‘Worlds Gunna End’ GetGlue sticker! (These aren’t availble in a physical form of a sticker anymore, only online!)

Megan & Liz print from their Quakerbridge Mall show in NJ, taken by me! The twins also own a physical copy of this photograph, i gave to them at a meet & greet!


2) Two discontinued Megan & Liz GetGlue stickers!

Megan & Liz limited edition Raspberry Lemonade Ringpop!

Another print taken by me from their GirlUp event at RVCC in NJ!

YOU HAVE UNTIL 7PM ON FRIDAY MAY 30- THEN I WILL PICK A WINNER! Get reblogging & once again, good luck everyone!


Ashley :)