Novo Selo Stipsko, Macedonia– In October of 2014, a man shared a photograph of an unidentified animal skull that some locals are claiming belongs to a werewolf. The picture shows a wooden box containing an unidentified animal skull remarkably similar to that of a baboon’s. The photographer reportedly took the images to a government wildlife official who told him the skull probably belonged to a wolf suffering from Paget’s disease, which is a chronic disorder associated with enlarged bones in vertebrates. Werewolves, also known as Varkolak, are a recurring theme in the folklore of every region of Eastern Europe.

Macedonia museum staff guilty of trafficking artefacts

A former director of Macedonia’s national museum and six other people have been found guilty of trafficking 162 ancient artefacts, a Macedonian court said Friday.

Pero Josifovski, who used to head the museum in the capital, Skopje, was jailed for seven years and eight months, while his accomplices – five of whom were also museum staff – received prison sentences ranging from one to seven years.

All seven accused were found guilty of stealing “cultural artefacts of great importance belonging to the state” and of “abuse of power”, the court in Skopje said in a statement. Read more.