20 Facts About Macedonia You Didn't Know

#1 Fact – Alexander the Great

#2 Fact – Cool Caves

#3 Fact – Huge Cross

#4 Fact – Officially FYROM

#5 Fact – Horrible Earthquake

#6 Fact – Eurovision

#7 Fact – Greek Love

#8 Fact – Internet

#9 Fact – Work Sets You Free

#10 Fact – Ancient Observatory

#11 Fact – Where This Letter Started

#12 Fact – LandLocked

#13 Fact – Mountain Monopoly

#14 Fact – Beautiful Lake

#15 Fact – Don’t Do Opium

#16 Fact – Ancient or not

#17 Fact – Different approach

#18 Fact – First Slavic School

#19 Fact – Make Love Not War

#20 Fact – Capital With A Reason

Documenting the Systematic Decline of Women's Rights in Macedonia

Although southeast European countries are progressive in many other ways, the decline of women’s reproductive rights in some Western Balkan countries has been a worrying trend. In Macedonia, several small protests have been held in recent years to demonstrate people’s opposition to government involvement in determining public sentiment on issues like abortion and family planning, after the government implemented a national anti-abortion campaign that began in 2011.  

“My body – my decision” sigh at a protest against new abortion law. Photo by Vanco Dzhambaski, CC BY-NC-SA.

In recent years Macedonia has undergone a very subtle, yet dreadfully pervasive deterioration of the situation with women’s rights. Mainly unnoticed or overlooked, the government latched on the popular, deeply misogynist sentiment of the suffering mother (a metaphor often used for the country itself) and after the initial surge of promise with the introduction of the gender quotas in 2006 and the adoption of the Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, which paired with the history of equal treatment from the previous system led to even higher percentages in female representation in certain areas compared to the EU average[1], things started moving downwards steadily, without sufficient public resistance.

It can arguably be claimed that the ploy began with the anti-abortion posters and newspaper ads which started littering the public space out of nowhere circa 2006-2007 without anyone claiming responsibility for them. The ads depicted graphic images of babies, fetuses in-utero and aborted fetuses making use of the age-long tactic of instilling and heightening the feeling of guilt in women faced with abortion. The condemnation and the several guerilla actions organized by NGOs and informal groups aimed at neutralizing the negative influence of these actions did not manage to eradicate the propaganda which later progressed into different forms, such as the launch of the website Say No to Abortion or the Government’s campaign aimed at raising awareness about the harmful consequences of abortion. Little did we know or suspect at the time that exactly those materials served as introduction to the additional restrictions on the Law on Abortion adopted in the summer of 2013…….

Read on at:- http://amateuress.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/the-systematic-decline-of-womens-rights.html

Eurovision so far:
  • Conchita slaying it
  • Cops in leather
  • A really big clock
  • Lorde
  • A lace mask
  • Wind machine     
  • Common Linnets 2.0
  • Dead leaves            
  • Greek goddess
  • An actually deep touching message
  • Trees
  • Hahaaaa-aaha    
  • Pride flags        
  • Danish direction
  • We’re all alive                  
  • Amazing dark princess/warrior        
New Evidence for King Philip II Tomb in Vergina

A new scientific bone analysis offers additional evidence that the ancient remains found inside a gold larnax in a tomb found in Vergina in the 1970s belong to the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II.

Phillip II was the warrior and diplomat who ruled the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC.

Researchers Theodore Antikas and Laura Wynn-Antikas presented their new scientific results that were obtained  through computed tomography (CT) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) in an article published in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology.

King Philip II was assassinated in the town of Aegae by a member of his security and according to the study, his remains can be found inside a marble sarcophagus, along with the remains of his seventh wife, daughter of King Atheas of Scythia. Read more.

May 5 2015 - Violent protests gripped the Macedonian capital of Skopje on Tuesday over alleged government attempts to cover up the 2011 death of 22-year-old Martin Neskoski, who was killed by police during post-election celebrations. 

At least 1,000 people took to the streets of Skopje, demanding justice for Nekoski on Tuesday night. Protests turned violent hours after Macedonia’s opposition leader Zoran Zaev accused Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of attempting to conceal Neskoski’s death, and played audio evidence of several leaders discussing the cover-up.

Police used tear gas and water cannons to clear the streets of protesters demanding the conservative government’s resignation. Meanwhile, demonstrators threw objects at police, and broke windows of various government buildings, according to local reports. “Murderers, murderers,” some protesters chanted. [video]/[article]

rriverssong asked:

what /is/ happening i am so out of the loop?

well this morning from 4 AM or smth there was an alleged “terrorist” attack in my hometown, kumanovo. and since the population here is mostly albanian and macedonian, the suspicion fell on albanian extremist groups which is something that actually happened in 2001 but it definitely did not happen today.

the thing is this “terrorist attack” came out of the blue and no one knows where they came from, what they were asking for or why they were even shooting and bombing the town. like there was literally no logical explanation as to why it was happening. the news stations (which are most of them controlled by the govt) all reported that a terrorist group from a neighboring country (it wasn’t stated which but it was heavily implied that it’s kosovo given that they pulled off another shitfest like this a month ago in a small village and said that it was terrorists from kosovo again altho why???) with about 70 ppl invaded the city

so basically there were heavy shootings and bombings (houses and schools burning, helicopters all over, some even say ppl were being taken hostage) into one of the city’s neighborhoods (which is a mixed macedonian-albanian one) for 16 fucking hours during which about 30 people were injured (policemen and special forces, we don’t know about civilians yet) out of which 5 people died. and the thing is people are trying to make it into an ethnic conflict which it isn’t! no one wants war and albanians and macedonians both were terrified and tormented by today’s events. the last thing any of us want is to turn this into a bloodbath!

also this sudden “terrorist attack” came after 10 of the biggest towns in macedonia gathered to protest against the government and searching for its resignation, as well as the 4 consecutive protests going on in skopje since tuesday. so a lot of people think that this is a thing orchestrated by the government who wanted to ethnically divide the people so we won’t all join forces together while trying to bring it down. also, they are probably trying to terrify the people so it will take away the attention from the protests and prevent them from going out to lobby for their resignation.

the worst thing is that none of the media here are being objective and they’re almost all controlled by the government, so it’s impossible to get true information. the most reliable sources are facebook and twitter but of course they’re not “credible” enough which means that the world media is getting fed the shit from our own media which is all a ruse. this leads to misinformation and doing the exact thing the govt wants to do: for people to think there are terrorists and that there is an ethnical conflict which in truth, is what they’re trying to cause!


Macedonia and its fight for justice

Many people don’t know what is happening right in  Macedonia right now. Hell, many don’t even know where Macedonia is. To make it clear, we are a small country on the Balkan peninsula, with just over 2 million people, and right now we are fighting for our lives.

Our current government has treated our country badly for many years. From rebuilding our capitol Skopje into the world’s most ugliest city, to destroying our healthcare and justice system. But, all of that doesn’t matter now. Because now, now they’ve crossed a line that cannot be brought back.

For the past few months, the opposition has been unveiling audio content from conversations between the main people in our government, including our prime minister, about how they cheated on the elections, about how they falsify trial verdict, about how they emptied our freakin’ budget without anyone on the outside knowing.

Nobody really did anything about it, because the people were scared. They threatened us with our jobs, our family… Anything, really. However, the made one small mistake. They didn’t realize they couldn’t threaten the youth. The students started protesting against the government when they decided they would make reforms within the universities (something that isn’t allowed by law). We protested and protested, we slept on campus for day, and we won. Somehow, they gave us what we wanted. Now, that legacy continues with the high school students, who are sleeping in front of the Ministry of Education for days, because they want to stop all the bad reforms in our educational system.

That isn’t all. Yesterday, an audio clip surfaced about the murder of a young man, Martin Nehskovski, a 22-year-old man, who was beaten to death by a police officer during a post-election celebration in 2011. By someone from the special forces. In the clips, it turns out that everyone from the government knew what happened and they tried to put it under the rug. They even talked about the boy like he deserved to die die, because apparently he was a junkie. (Mind you, Martin didn’t do anything, he was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time).

The people are now angry. Yesterday was filled with protests in front of the government building. People shouted “Murderers”, “Murderers”, calling for the resignation of Nikola Gruevski and his cabinet.. Even a policeman left the cordon and joined the people.  Soon, the police started to attack the protesters. They defended their brutality with more brutality. Many ended up in the hospital. Some of the special forces went into the town library and harassed the students there, claiming that they were protesters and the had no right being in the library at midnight. “Who even studies for their exams at midnight?” one of them asked.

It’s time to end the police brutality before it escalates any further. The protests will continue, and we will fight for our rights and our country.

I ask you to signal boost this, please. People need to know what is happening. The media here is controlled by the government and they don’t even talk about what is happening right now. They just show turkish soap operas, like everything is great here.

for everyone that missed first eurovision semifinals 2015

Basically this is what happened:

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