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explain cheeky nandos??

you know like when you’re hanging with the lads and its top notch banter and your mate joe is like lets go down for a cheeky nandos but you’re skint so you’re like i dont have quids for that lets just go for a quick maccies or gregs or somat and joe bloody banterclaus is like stop being a wanker but then your lad johnny offers to pay for your nandos cuz he’s a absolute fuckin ledge so you’re well chuffed and you all get proper hyped having top bants bout torie cunts with your fucking ledges

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so u n the lads r in town, probs down spoons cos WAHEY its cheaper, an ur knocking a few back. top notch bants. its still pretty early but ur all gettin a bit hank marvin and so callum pipes up like ey lads quick maccy d’s run anyone? now callums a #truelad but hes a fuckin tosser so of course u all tell him to piss off, everyone knows maccy d’s serves bollocks theres shite all banter to be had there. but then trev, trev the fuckin ledge, pulls out ‘is giftcard an is like right get this lads: cheeky nandos on me. cheeky nandos? fuckin peng! now banter-fuckin-saurus rex steve has drove there so its all aboard the banter bus down nandos #ladsontour and u convince archbishop of banterbury callum to have his bird extra hot #SAUCY#eatinbirdsallnight and he gets fuckin thrashed by it #topbanter #TOPPESTbanter so u leave him there to recover and head down the streets to check out the other hot birds #ifyougetme #WAHEY as you go to the club but you cant get in cos mitch is a fuckin nutter an left ‘is card at home rite? and the ambassador to #bantarctica looks like 14 dont he so ur all turned away an ur #ladsnight ends early #thanksmitch #whatahelmet.

The signs as British culture

Aries: banterbus
Taurus: bloody fit
Gemini: Archbishop of banterbury
Cancer: Top notch bants with the lads
Leo: Proper ledge
Virgo: Jeremy Kyle with the fam
Libra: *treats you to maccies*
Scorpio: Flips the teacher off
Sagittarius: Bantermobile
Capricorn: Knobhead
Aquarius: Ed millibanter
Pisces: *watching Tracy beaker*

*if you’re not British Id happily translate your sign 😂*

When your having some top notch banter wiv your mate Charlie who is an absolute fucking ledge but then your stomach makes bare loud noises so hes like yeah lets go maccies then but your like nah man maccies jars my beans lets have some cheeky nandos and you think Yes Lad… I am a right cleverclogs but then you remember thats the place where James tossed your nan off

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mind explaining cheecky nandos please

oi mate it’s like when u meet ur mandem gazza (banter claus) and chiz (bantom of the opera) by JD buying some hype vest tops and chinos and theyre like “u wanna go maccie dees fam?” bcos ur all hank marvin but then you see these proper fit birds on the razz getting wankered and follow them into ‘spoons and u find out that haz (proper LAD) is in there already with smithy (absolute ledge) and bazzer (bantersaurus rex). smithy says he’s got some mula on his nandos card so we all get in the bantermobile. chiz has gotta go home and watch jezza kyle with the missus but haz and gazza (more like bant and dec) start blarin some top notch drum and bass. when we get to nandos the smell of piri piri almost drowns out the smell of our lynx exite but not quite, gazza (archbishop of banterbury) about to lose his nandos virginity so he’s proper buzzin. the top notch banter and butterfly chicken makes a perfect cheeky nandos and u all head to the pub with the lads afterwards to endorse in some more proper quality banter.

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when ur in town with ur mates and gavin a.k.a the Archbishop of Banterbury suggests u all go down maccy d’s but then u realise u still have that £20 nandos gift card ur nan got u for christmas so u treat the lads to a cheeky nandos top bants 10/10

sick day out wiv the lads.....

ya know when yer mate steven is bein an absolute ledge on the 219 to tooting aka the home of the bantersaurus rex aka nandos by askin a fit bint with massive knockers called stacey out to maccy ds for some grub so he can bang her fanny afterwards but she said she forgot her bbm pin but then he shows his ace new air max and shes just like corrrr blimey but hes like ‘nah too late im actually a bender’ for the bants even tho its a load of dogs bollocks well at least he says that its just codswallop but he is a nancy boy at times but still whadda BLOODY LEGEND hes not even gutted ahaha!!! later tho it went tits up coz in sports direct they only had these naff footie boots left coz some tossing twatty mug bought the well bangin pairs innit complete SHAMBLES ollie was well pissed!!!! 

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I was in the scottish play and it was a strict rule to use 'Maccy-B' when we weren't in character. Basically the lead refused to do it until he knocked a platter into an ensemble's face during the dinner scene and gave her a black eye during one of the rehearsals. A lot of other things happened, but that was when he decided to never say it again.

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please explain cheeky nandos i'm a confused european

right so a cheeky nandos is when u meet up with ur mate gazza (who’s the archbishop of banterbury) and he’s like ‘aight, i’m well hank marvin lets go to maccy dees’ but then your other mate dev who is a right lad is like ‘nah fam that’s ages away i’m well knackered i cant go all the way’ so your like ‘lads, let’s just go get a cheeky nandos i’ve gotta few quid on my loyalty card’ and u all go and have ur nandos while chanting ‘banta banta banta’

sleepover weekend

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Can you explain what the cheeky nando with the lads (?) means?

it’s when you’ve finished ur shift at maccy d’s and ur best mate Gazza (who’s an absolute fucking ledge, mate) calls you up from the local where he’s chattin up some fit as fuck bird, and he’s like, ‘mate! Let’s have some banter tonight! Get the boys, it’s time for a cheeky nandos with the lads!’ So you get tom (archbishop of banterbury was practically born in banter city), joe (briefcase wanker since he got a job) and mikey (banters little helper since 1996 mate) and you all take the banter bus to nandos where you’re like 'sick one lads, peri peri banter fam’

I had a dream where I’d walked into McDonalds and bought breakfast, but I had to pop back out to my car, so I popped my tray of food down and some blokes were nearby. I walk back in and the same blokes were closer to my tray and all my food had gone. I was confused as to why they were still sitting you don’t just steal someone else’s food and not run like. So anyway I threw a massive scene but in my dream I wasn’t even swearing I was just calling them selfish over and over like a possessed woman and they kept on smirking at me and I wanted to throw the table at them. The staff felt bad for me and made more food but I was angry at them too because they let someone steal my food so I announced I was boycotting their branch (not the whole of Maccy D’s) and took my food with me and left.