kingdreams-xvisions asked:

1. Barbra Gorden 2. Armin 3. Hiccup 4. Damian Wayne 5. The other Robins 6-8 Batgirl 9-10 Armin Am i getting close?

  1. armin
  2. eren
  3. babs
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. hiccup (really hiccup and toothless should be counted as one unit)
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x

you are indeed getting close! i had to limit the amount of characters per fandom to make it fair haha

kingdreams-xvisions asked:

Who is you're favorite superhero? Great blog by the way

Probably Oracle! I just love all her tech and how good she is at it, and how she’s basically like the information source for the entire League. 

Plus, “Barbara Gordon…uh, saved herself.”