It has been such a long week, team.

Every day has felt like the one after - do you know what I’m talking about? I was convinced yesterday was Thursday but alas, that is today. We have our massive company holiday party at the Newseum tomorrow so I think that is part of what is driving a slow week, but also I’ve been feeling under the weather really since Sunday! It has been putting me in such a massive funk - there is seriously nothing like being sick to put me in an existential crisis… I AM TRAPPED IN MY BODY.

This past Saturday I spent the entire morning sitting in my papsan chair in the corner of my tiny studio reading and drinking coffee and it was so wonderful. It was a slow morning with a cool breeze, the type that makes you happy to be alive in your own skin. I spent the afternoon and Sunday in Charlottesville which was nice.

This week has been slow and weird but I’m excited about tomorrow. ABC is holding our holiday party at the Newseum and providing uber promo codes for transporation to and from the museum, super safe and easy. I’m excited to see the exhibits and excited to wear my rent the runway dress! It’s a little on the short side but I think it’ll be okay. I’m also going to my first DryBar appointment and getting a fancy blow out… I’m trying to channel Candice Swanapoel in the 2013 VS Fantasy Bra, ya know.

This is all. I’m working from home tomorrow along with basically the entire company! I was given the option to work from home Monday and Tuesday too so I’m not entirely sure when the next time I’ll be in the office is which is a totally weird feeling.

More pictures to come! It should be a fancy shmancy night.