This is Eugene, a Japanese macaque who has been living in a concrete cell for the past 26 years. This week he was rescued by the great folks at Fauna! ( So, now I get to photograph and talk to this peaceful soul as he lives out the last chapter of his life in a big beautiful place with lots of light, access to the outdoors, delicious fresh food choices and good friends. This was taken when we first met and I look forward to many more moments together.

A macaque enjoys an ice lolly made from carrots frozen in cranberry juice to help it cool off at Bristol Zoo. Lynsey Bugg, assistant curator of mammals at the zoo, said: Giving fruit and vegetables frozen in water or fruit juice to our animals is a great way of helping them to keep cool in this hot weather. It is also an interesting treat for them and provides the perfect enrichment activity toy.

Picture: Bob Pitchford