mac backstage


In 2011 Gareth Pugh collaborated with MAC cosmetics where he produced a collection, which took 2 years to make. The collection features eyeshadow, distinctive false eye lashes, lipstick etc. It is noted that his collection is like his clothes ‘the study of opposites’.

Looking at the collection, there is definitely his style represented in the make up and I like how he has collaborated with MAC because they are a very well known positive brand where most people shop because of their products. Pugh himself has worked with MAC backstage and has come to know them, which shows the relationship there. Pugh talks about the collection: "One light and ethereal, based on silver and grey tones and the other is dark blue colours, which has a more powerful message - I really like the idea of exploring the hard side of beauty" 

I chose to look at this collection because for the androgynous make up I want dark colours possibly a dark lipstick which I tried in my previous test shots. But as well as contouring to make the cheek bones stand out and Pugh has included a silver/grey tone collection, which I could explore. 


Vogue. (2011) Pugh World Order. Available at: [Accessed 7th December]


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