Sugarskull using Make Up For Ever Flash colors, Fluo night, ‘026’ Lashes, and Glitter
Lit Cosmetics Glitters
House Of Lashes ‘Heartbreaker’ Lashes
jacked up hair courtesy of a teasing brush & The Virgin Hair Fantasy HOLLLLLA

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Hack Your Mac

I made this short intro for the November issue of Macworld's iPad edition, on the topic of automating mundane or repetitive tasks. Which is the sort of thing I never bother with, but would probably give me back years of my life.

Sound here is by the brilliant Ana Roman. Check her out if you need noises.

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Mac DeMarco’s performance of “Still Together” from the 2014 Polaris Music Prize Gala.

This is truly beautiful. It reminds me of a Burt Bacharach performance. And along side Mr. DeMarco, with the help of Juan Wauters on guitar & Ryan on the piano.


Title: Rainbow Love
Maker: Caveat Lector (project leader)
Rating: all-age
Category: OELVN (WIP)
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Description from the game’s Lemmasoft thread:

16-year-old Orville Kaminski has long accepted that he’s gay—it’s the rejection by his parents that he’s still coming to terms with. But hope is not lost, for one of his friends, Irene Dale, plans to form a Gay-Straight Alliance club to provide GLBTQ students with support, and hopefully make a few straight allies. In this club, Orville befriends a few individuals, each with their own story to tell, and learns there’s more to being gay in the 2010’s than he knew. Will he find friendship? Romance? Something in-between? That is up to you.

Note: Caveat Lector told us they have a Tumblr account but cannot use it at the moment due to technical issues.


Mac Demarco crowd surfing at Hellow Festival  19/09/14