Buzzfeed: “17 Black Women Who Deserve their own Biopics”

Not enough roles for black women in Hollywood? Let’s make some!

1. Thandie Newton/Alice Walker, 2. Amber Riley/Aretha Franklin, 3. Kerry Washington/Vonetta McGee, 4. Lupita Nyong’o/Grace Jones, 5. Mo’Nique/Hattie McDaniel, 6. Oprah Winfrey/Mary McLeod Bethune, 7. Regina Hall/Moms Mabley, 8. Teyonah Parris/Assata Shakur, 9. Viola Davis/Shirley Chisholm, 10. Jurnee Smollett/Eartha Kitt

Joan Rivers wasn’t the only female comedian to pave the way for female comedians.

There were others like Phyllis Diller

Moms Mabley

Jean Carroll

and Betty White

You know something else? None of these women made racist or rude remarks just for the sake of comedy. Because comedy is so much more than laughing at someone else’s appearance, ethnicity, or sexuality. 


This Inspiring Photo Series Dresses Little Girls as Feminist Icons.

BJulianne Ross

Who needs Disney princesses when you’ve got real-life heroines to admire? That’s the thinking behind Because of Them We Can, the inspiring new photo project by Eunique Jones. The series features photos of little girls dressed as influential women alongside famous quotes. It is objectively the most adorable list of feminist icons ever created.

Jones, a mother of two, launched her Because of Them We Can project last year in honor of Black History Month. The original photo series portrayed kids as important figures in African-American history, and quickly expanded into a 365-day mission to educate and connect “a new generation to heroes who have paved the way.”

Jones writes on her website, “The same way that Because of Them We Can has helped expand the conversation in the African American community is the same way we want to expand the conversation in others. … This is an ongoing effort, however, we wanted to highlight a few women who have helped break barriers and glass ceilings for us all.”

The importance of taking time to teach our children about important female figures can’t be overstated. Too often women’s historical contributions are relegated to the footnotes of history books — if they’re included at all. Jones’ photos are a fantastic means to introduce the next generation to important figures they otherwise may not learn about. In presenting young girls with real-world role models, the photos encourage them to “dream out loud and reimagine themselves as greater than they are, simply by connecting the dots between the past, the present and the future.”

Written by Julianne Ross for PolicyMic, April 1, 2014


Moms Mabley - 1969

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Moms Mabley Interview

..damn. Inspiring. Fo’ real, too.


Letter From The President by loopstreet

Listen to comedian MOMS MABLEY, her wit has prophetic overtones fitting our times.

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I was watching one of my favorite episodes of Martin this morning. In the show he referenced Dolemite, so I looked it up and ended up finding this piece of treasure.
Good Old Days - Moms Mabley