I don’t know if it’s relevant or not but:

Mabel is afraid of heights.

And what happened in the last episode?

She was put into a situation where there was antigravity - a situation where she was literally clinging on for dear life as everyone/everything was lifted up!

She could have easily avoided her fear by pressing the button. But in the end, when she trusted Stan, she let go and was gracefully lifted up into the air.

Again, I’m not sure if it’s entirely relevant, but it’s worth mentioning.

It’s just one more factor that proves how brave she was in that scene.

thoughtsfromajackofart asked:

a Great nibling far into the future summons Alcor to fix a family heirloom thats a stuffed animal. Pro: It used to belong to Mable, is a great memento and the condition isn't much worse than when she had it, Con: It's Bear-O

Dipper fixes it, but only because he really really loves Mabel and his niblings.

I mean

Looking at Bear-O is like hang gliding over hell. 

Three days ago I started watching Gravity Falls. Great show, I love it!! But I was wondering…

1. What happened to Stan’s hat? It changed mid-season. Not only during the episodes, but also in the opening and the ending.AND that symbol. That symbol appears in the journal.

2. What are those numbers that appear in the endings?

3. Why is Bill EVERYWHERE? Like, really. Stan, do you have a fanboy complex or something? ¬¬

And I have only watched 20 episodes. it’s great fun, but I’m starting to think that I made a mistake… “Just a kid’s show” my ass.