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I found your post about Hungarian pronouns really interesting! Like, I've never realized that. I thought that all languages somehow "force" the persons gender in some way - for example, when it comes to Polish, which's my first language, there's no pronouns as in English, French, or German? The conjugation differs depending on the gender, though, so it's EVEN worse, because it really forces you to define the gender. It's almost impossible to write something neutral when it comes to that...

Maan i somehow thought polish would be similar to hungarian I DONT KNOW WHY maybe because central europe stick together but i dont know what i was thinking polish is slavic and hungarian is a bastard of a language that cant actually be put anywhere with 100% certainty (half siblings with the finnish language most probably), we’re europe’s black sheep in that sense.

actually i just google searched the topic bc i remembered seeing a map on this once and i found the fun fact of the day: 57% of the world’s languages do not have gendered pronouns!


Favorite David Tennant Characters (3/10)

Benedick | Much Ado About Nothing

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?”

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New Studio Ghibli film announced for 2014!

Seemingly not content with having two brand new movies out this year in the form of Kaze Tachinu and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Japan’s Studio Ghibli has just announced that a new animated feature, Omoide no Maanii (When Marnie Was There), based on the novel of the same name by English writer Joan G. Robinson, will be hitting screens in Japan in summer 2014.

The news broke earlier this afternoon as Studio Ghibli unveiled a new website, which offers a single still image of the movie’s poster. Distributor Toho has also confirmed the film in its 2014 lineup.

The original 1967 novel for kids and young adults tells the story of Anna, a young foster child who is sent away for the summer to the Norfolk countryside. She soon meets a girl called Marnie and, through their many conversations, begins to learn more about the girl’s intriguing past.

When Marnie Was There has been translated into multiple languages, and is loved by many Japanese, particularly young women who felt that it helped them, too, find their place in the world and cope with feeling that little bit different to everyone else.

The Studio Ghibli adaptation is being directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who made his directing debut for the acclaimed studio with 2010′s The Secret World of Arrietty. We’ll be sure to bring you more about this intriguing new production as it breaks.

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“The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm. And the last and worse one: Terror, when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute. It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…” 


I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is that not strange?


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