Honestly I can’t even watch “Hero” more than once because I get too emotional over Beatrice and Hero.

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Are you following me? - ben/bea

 Lost Puppy 

"Are you following me?" 

"That’s ridiculous!" Ben snaps, although it foils his intention of remaining hidden. Realizing his mistake, he clears his throat. "I was headed here as well." 

"What for?" Beatrice scoffs and continues walking. What could an idiot like Benedick possibly need from her Uncle? "Or are you here to court Hero as well?" 


"Well, you shouldn’t bother," Beatrice says with a particular snap to her voice. "Claudio already has claim on her." 

"That’s not," Benedick starts but weakens as Beatrice rounds a corner. He was walking here in hopes of drawing up the courage to speak with Beatrice herself. He knew this was a mistake, though—her distaste for him seems to be going as strong as ever. 

What did she mean, though?—here to court Hero? 

"Wait!" he trots after her, like a horse behind a separating fence. "What if…I came here to talk to you?" 

"I wouldn’t believe you," Beatrice scoffs as if she’s heard a wonderful joke. "What would you have to speak with me about, unless you’ve taken to actually seeking me out for our merry war?" 

Oh, now that he does enjoy. Their bantering is definitely the high point of any of his days. That may seem to make quite a statement, but he prefers not to dwell. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some friendly sport. 

"Well, I did," Benedick puts on a bit of a pout, which he knows at least makes her laugh (even if it is at him). 

"What on earth for?" Beatrice scowls. What could he possibly have to mock her about now? "I thought you’d expended your repetoir today when you proposed that it was my fire that had burnt Marciano’s bread supply." 

"Oh, that was for Maria’s sake, you know how petty she can be," Benedick utters quickly. He notices Beatrice skid on a stone midstep, but draws no attention to her correcting herself. He allows Maria Marciano to hang her eyes upon him often, but he had no idea Beatrice took the same notice. 

"I would have thought your favor to lie with her," Beatrice puffs out before deliberately jumping the garden ledge with such suddenness Benedick bears back. 

"Hardly," he grunts as he scrambles over it with far less grace, despite being significantly taller. "On the contrary, I think it is a good day if I can see the green in your eyes." 

"My eyes are-"

"Blue, but of course we both know that is not to what I refer," Benedick grins with dancing eyes. Beatrice’s skin tints, aflush with anger, no doubt. Still he totters after her. "I would bear even Marciano’s badgering if it meant I gazed your jealousy." 

"You flatter yourself," Beatrice scowls, flicking a thorny branch his way. "And stop following me!" 


my first monster drink was AMAZING
I literally wanted to run a mile,do something after that
I felt as high as the sky maan
okay maybe I was a bit too excited
im also happy my mom didnt overeact about me drinking monster n.n
my first monster was the Rehab one.

New Studio Ghibli film announced for 2014!

Seemingly not content with having two brand new movies out this year in the form of Kaze Tachinu and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Japan’s Studio Ghibli has just announced that a new animated feature, Omoide no Maanii (When Marnie Was There), based on the novel of the same name by English writer Joan G. Robinson, will be hitting screens in Japan in summer 2014.

The news broke earlier this afternoon as Studio Ghibli unveiled a new website, which offers a single still image of the movie’s poster. Distributor Toho has also confirmed the film in its 2014 lineup.

The original 1967 novel for kids and young adults tells the story of Anna, a young foster child who is sent away for the summer to the Norfolk countryside. She soon meets a girl called Marnie and, through their many conversations, begins to learn more about the girl’s intriguing past.

When Marnie Was There has been translated into multiple languages, and is loved by many Japanese, particularly young women who felt that it helped them, too, find their place in the world and cope with feeling that little bit different to everyone else.

The Studio Ghibli adaptation is being directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who made his directing debut for the acclaimed studio with 2010′s The Secret World of Arrietty. We’ll be sure to bring you more about this intriguing new production as it breaks.

Source: Rocket News 24
Official Website: http://marnie.jp/