Best. Present. Ever

My beautiful, talented, nudibuddy BFF, Jen has sent me this gorgeous, handmade, custom necklace of my favourite nudibranch Hypselodoris infucata, based on a photo I took on one of our best dives together. An idea she got from something I re-blogged last year.

Sentiment overload.  

We all know Etsy can be a magical place, but this shop goes above and beyond. Presenting Indolent Jellyfish.

Essentially, fish that lead schools have a higher tail movement frequency than their follows. So some engineers created a robot fish that could mimic the tail movements of a lead fish and put it in a tank with a school of fish. They quickly fell in line behind it! The notable application is the ability to lead fish away from environmental (oil, radiation) disasters in an effort to protect them. Really cool stuff though.

Scientists have discovered the world’s first hybrid sharks in Australian waters, with multiple generations of the new creature found along the nation’s east coast.

Scientists say the discovery of interbred sharks could signal the presence of new “tropical” sharks in waters as far south as Sydney, The Australian reported.

“Wild hybrids are usually hard to find, so detecting hybrids and their offspring is extraordinary,” said Jennifer Ovenden from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

This is big news, especially considering the current state of shark populations worldwide.

  • *Me, Alex, Ma'am B talking about stuff when suddenly*
  • Ma'am B:So, bakit naman kayo nagbreak ni?
  • Alex:*laughs and walks away*
  • Me:Ma'am *insert reason here*
  • Ma'am:Bakit naman? Nako. Nag-pry na ako sa buhay ng may buhay.
  • Me:Well, Ma'am. Ganun talaga. Haha.
  • Ma'am:Pero pag kayo naman kayo naman talaga sa huli e.
  • Me:Oo naman po Ma'am.
  • Ma'am:Kung meant to be, meant to be talaga. Sabi nga nila, *insert long story here*
  • Natuwa naman ako kay Ma'am B diba. Echos lang. :D
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I was lucky enough to work closely with the very talented Steve De Neef during my work with the whale sharks of Oslob last year. Steve is one of my favourite conservation documenters - he spends time getting to know the conservation issue at hand, speaking to all the stakeholders involved getting information from all sides, and then producing high quality articles and documentaries helping to spread awareness and inspiration. 

This is a reel of some of the projects he was involved with last year and a short snippet of an interview with me.

Sunset over Moalboal after an inspiring day teaching local teachers how to snorkel. Getting these amazing people to experience the underwater environment first hand is part of a project working with them to incorporate environmental content into the curriculum.

Incredible days in incredible places 😍

Well, Whale Sharks, you are a bit too friendly aren’t you?

The whale shark pictured snuck up on me, as they do apparently. It didn’t even say excuse me. 

Just a quickie before I collapse on my bed. I SAW MY FIRST WHALE SHARKS/ BUNTANDINGS TODAY. And it was crazy.

First of all, what fish is that big, even as a juvenile?

Secondly, because they are fed, their behaviour is … unnatural, for want of a better word. Some of the are quite aggressive  focused on feeding. They just don’t care about getting close to you. The nudge the boats to get more food, they speed at you, just missing you. It is unreal. And quite unnerving. 

It was a surreal day. I was so excited to be seeing them (there was about eight), and so sad to see them begging at the boats, and the scars that they have on their mouths and fins from scraping against the boats. 

Come 0530 tomorrow, I’ll be up and going through it all again. It’s time to learn how to identify the regular individuals, get up to scratch on the surveys, and prepare for the next set of volunteers. 

This my friends, is science. 

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Have a peak into my work with volunteers through Zoox.

Apologies for being more of a curator, than creator of late. Work has been extremely busy and exciting. This is the new video from Zoox, all about the experience programmes we run for people wanting to get into the marine conservation sector. 

We shot this at the end of last year in Moalboal and Puerto Galera, Philippines, but we’re expanding the programme to include Vietnam and Thailand in the upcoming placements (woo!) 

If you’re interested in the programme, please let me know. You wouldn’t be the first person to join Zoox through Tumblr :) 

Love from post-summer Philippines (phew!)


by Samantha Craven

Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus?Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus?  Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus? Mimic or Wonderpus?

ARRRRGGGGGHHH. I need to know. Like I won’t sleep tonight. 

I have had the craziest 10 days...

…hence no Tumblr. 

I necropsied a pan-tropical spotted dolphin.

I went to a provincial government meeting.

I got interviewed for two newspapers.

I monitored a severe propellor cut on a whale shark.

I lost my shark biopsy cherry.

I became a shark biopsy slut. 

It was awesome. Apart from the prop cut. That sucks. 

Things I can hear from my bed this morning:
  • Cockerels.
  • Waves on the shore.
  • Hammers downstairs. Like every morning.
  • Cats playing in the roof of my room. Yes in it. Lots of them.
  • Kids playing on the beach.
  • Cockerels (I can’t emphasise this enough).
  • Someone sweeping.
  • Someone clearing their nose!
  • Pots and pans being washed.
  • At least two radios. One of which is playing ‘Ganggam style’. Again.
  • Kittens meowing.

Maayong Buntag from the Philippines!