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The original video was deleted for copyright violations. Here is another copy of the Season 10 Gag Reel! I suggest you watch it fast if you haven’t seen it already. Just in case it gets taken down, too!

Learn Korean Vocab with K-pop! EXO’s Love Me Right

EXO came back in a whirlwind, and their repackaged Love Me Right came with an aesthetically pleasing music video and a loose sports theme. If you’re addicted to the music video like we are, read over these vocabulary words before you watch it next, you might be surprised how many words you can learn!

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Exo Reactions To You Fangirling Over Another K-Pop Group

I don’t know what I’m even doing. These aren’t that similar but I figured I’d combine them anyway. :P xo

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Baekhyun: *you’re at home together, watching TV when a BTS video comes on & you start freaking out over how sexy V is* “You… know that I’m friends with him, right?”

Chanyeol: *starts losing his mind with you because he’s just as big of a fanboy as you are a fangirl* “Oh my god! You like them too?!”

Chen: *he finds you spazzing out over a BigBang video while you’re in bed on your laptop* “Are you okay?”

D.O.: *patiently waits for you to recover from your fit over B.A.P. with no judgement at all*

Kai: *you’re in the car together when a SHINee song comes on & you turn it up during Taemin’s part* “I’ve introduced the two of you before. You’re acting so silly.”

Kris: *he was in the middle of a sentence when you hear an INFINITE song & start dancing around like an idiot, he gets annoyed, trying to continue but then just gives up*

Lay: *sings along with you but isn’t totally aware of the fact that you’re basically losing your shit*

Luhan: “Are you don- Nope, you’re not done…” *goes back to waiting for you to return to your normal self*

Sehun: *doesn’t give two fucks*

Suho: *dances around with you to Super Junior without a second thought, singing along too*

Tao: *hears you ranting on & on about Monsta X, rolls his eyes, tries to ignore you*

Xiumin: *literally isn’t bothered at all so he just watches you, smiling the whole time because you seem so happy & passionate*