i’ve started listening to a lot of chinese indie rock music lately as part of an overall effort to relearn my mother tongue. i feel disappointed that i let myself forget. i feel angry that i felt like i had to. it really fucks me up when i look back and think about how much pride i took in my ability to assimilate into whiteness: talk the language, know the canon, play the part. i remember becoming friends with alex at first and thinking to myself how weird they were, for feeling such strong attachment to a motherland we never knew; and at the same time feeling so jealous of how authentic their identity felt, of their language. a language i hadn’t heard, even from my mother’s mouth, for what felt like years, that fell into me like a waterfall.

i just got promoted to assistant director of my department at Boeing. i know it’s only Tuesday but i think i need to celebrate on the Hill tonight.

hearthstone is slowly going to become league over time, in the sense that new players get absolutely fucked because they keep coming out with new content. like… imagine 2-3 years into the future where there are 4+ expansions and you have to pay like 4k gold or w/e for each one of them. oh, and the cards are going to be so good that you practically NEED them to hold your own in the meta game, so you’ll just be derping around until you play for an obscene amount of hours and can afford to dump 16k+ gold on the expansion cards ALONE and then still need all the vanilla cards as well

basically what i’m saying is, if you think that you’ll want to play hearthstone at any point in the future, you best start playing now and start gathering gold because you’ll be completely fucked if you start playing 2-3 years from now or even just a year from now