I can’t believe someone actually made a blog against a specific individual in our ship. This is where the ship wars go too far. That just shows you just how low that ship has sunk. Why would they even believe that the writers, producers and show runners would continue a storyline for a group that has thus far

  • thrown bottles at Lauren Cohan’s car on set.
  • created a tag on twitter called #killpedodaryl
  • attacked every other ship involving Daryl’s tags with nonsense.
  • openly bashed the writers, show runners, Norman AND Emily.
  • Blasted Emily Kinney mercilessly
  • and not only made jokes about someone’s dead dog, created an anti-bethyl blog but now a hate blog directed towards a specific person.

just because they don’t get their way.

By the time they’re through doing whatever damage they can, they’re going to have the rug snatched out from under them and be left with nothing but remorse for being such shitty people. 

This fandom is supposed to be a TWD FAMILY.
And because of a certain ship, we can’t have it.

Thank you C@rylers, for allowing the true colors to come out once again.

chandra75, on behalf of those looking to hurt you, I’m truly sorry. You’re a wonderful addition to this ship and you’re a doll to every one of us. DO not allow a bunch of childish women bring you down.


A whole episode dedicated to Daryl and Beth finding Booze, really?

I’m no shipper of Caryl and Bethyl, but what I hate is people complaining about Governor dedicated episodes. Well, I complain about the Daryl and Beth dedicated episode, because not only was it not necessary, but it was a boring episode of them just trying to find booze… SERIOUSLY? They could’ve given us an extra episode in Terminus instead of them ‘bonding’, because they had 8 months before season 3, season 3 itself and some months ontop of that to bond!