Team family survives the large number of psychotic, well armed and well organised cannibals.

Fr. Gabriel survives for two years in the zombie apocalypse with absolutely no survival skills whatsoever.

GREATM  survives a bus flipping over while wearing no seatbelts.

Eugene survives having his head pounded by hammer fisted Abe.

Carol and Daryl survive a van plummeting nose first of a bridge.

Carol survives being hit full force by a car moments after falling of a bridge.

Carol survives being switched off life support after “not looking so good”.

Bob dies because master survivalists choose to push walkers under the water instead of reaching through the safety of a shelf to kill them.

Beth dies because even though she loves her family and was so hell bent on finding them, she chose to risk their lives by attacking an armed police officer with a tiny pair of scissors, and is accidentally shot by a physics defying bullet.