What is most remarkable about the great love of Agron and Nasir is how unremarked upon it is in the series. There is no agonizing coming out story; there is no “Is he?” or “Are they?” questions asked by other characters. There is no angst. There is simply, and quite profoundly, the scene of two men, unabashedly in love, giggling in embarrassed glee when they are caught by a colleague in a compromising position when they are supposed to be on guard duty.


This sums it up so perfectly. This is why Nagron is the single most amazing gay couple I’ve ever seen. Because it’s not about them being gay but about them being in love with each other. Just two people who are in love.

And it happened in a show in which you wouldn’t expect sth like this at all. I mean Spartacus is basically made for straight guys between, let’s say, 18 and 45. It’s made for those ‘no homo’ douches who are afraid to go to an urologist and have their prostate checked. And the show forces these guys to see a homosexual relationship and to accept it for what it is. It doesn’t try to ease their discomfort by giving them some gay slur or a homophobic joke so they can reaffirm their believe that queer=eww. They just go ‘look here’s that person called Agron and here’s that person called Nasir and they have this huge love and there, they have sex and guess what: it’s the most romantic sex scene in the entire series. Deal with it’.