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ATTENTION BROWNCOATS! Jewel’s movie, How to Plan an Orgy in A Small Town has almost hit it’s goal on IndieGoGo. They’ve added some amazing Serenity swag for their campaign. New pieces will be added over the next bit but today they have costumes with letters of authenticity and a pretty sweet selection of autographed comics. These are all available to only 1 person each and are stand alone perks.

Let’s help them make their goal and get some cool Serenity swag.

"Link, what took you?"

"Sorry Serenity, there was some unfinished business I had to take care of."


So this was a commission requested by ashstoner of her OC Serenity, and Link. It really flared up the feels on what happens to Serenity and then what is in store for Link in Twilight Princess. Overall, it just tugs at the heartstrings.

Man, finding good references for Spirit Link’s wolf form was hard. Even more so to pin point the details when he’s all glowy. BUT I PREVAILED!

Serenity belongs to the lovely ashstoner and Link belongs to the wonderful people of Nintendo!

If you all are curious about her character, I suggest go reading her fan comic, Staff of Power. CLICK ME! It’s a funny, action filled, and banter that keeps me loving these two goofs. She has come a long way with this comic! Give her some love everyone! <3

they’re showing Firefly on Syfy

the whole series

and then Serenity

I have it on DVD but it’s just different to see it on TV

it’s like…recognition or something?

like hell yeah there’s my fandom

being represented

makes me so hyper

twas The Train Job last night and I had the flappiest hands ever and I was so squeaky

'cause I'm badass like that