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Ramble to me about RST. :3

(in response to the ask-me-about-my-writing meme)

RST, hoo boy. It was supposed to be a lark. It was supposed to be 20k max of me finishing off someone else’s kink meme fill because I wanted them to have babies. Instead it became this behemoth that would not die, and I was ready for it to be over probably a year before it was (because yes, the monster took me over two years to write). But I wouldn’t give up on it, because I cared about the characters and their story and I cared about getting them all the way to their happy ending. So I stuck it out and I’m really glad I did! It would have bothered me for the rest of my life if I’d left them hanging. /pets my babies

Let’s see, DVD-commentary type stuff: I made a few mistakes along the way, which indeed one or two alert readers caught — such as specifying in one chapter that Grantaire was not the kind of man that could get pregnant and then three chapters later he’s expecting. Forgetting Charles’s mother. Losing track of who knows what part of what scheme. Occupational hazard, I think, of posting a sprawling epic as a WIP. Oh well. I can live with myself.

RST includes probably the most sexually explicit material I’ve ever written and every time I went to reread it for reference or whatever I absolutely shocked myself and wanted to crawl under the furniture. I can read some mind-boggling stuff, you guys, but I blush and flail and half-die writing kiss scenes. It still astonishes me that I wrote some of this.

My favorite part to write, and the scenes I probably still like best: Chapter 16, where Charles is dying in childbirth and Erik is wounded in the woods and they each have like a vision of the other. I think it really helps show the depth of their connection and I loved the hint of ambiguity — did it really happen, or was it all in their heads? Of course, as Dumbledore would say, just because it was all in their heads doesn’t mean it wasn’t really happening…

On a SO VERY UNRELATED note, this is the fic that drove my dear dracoangelica into labeling me an Angst Farmer who waters my crops with readers’ tears. I… I decline to comment.


I don’t know how you feel about it, but I think Bones is another good show that went from UST to RST an did so well.

I actually specifically didn’t mention it, because I thought that show handled it terribly and I quit watching pretty much as soon as they wrote Booth and Bones into a relationship and the writing nosedived in quality into atrocious levels.

I strongly do not recommend that show to people.

Amanheci com um lindo sorriso estampado no rosto, decidi que nada iria tirá-lo de mim durante o dia, esse qual eu iria aproveitar de qualquer maneira. Dirigi-me até meu guarda-roupa e de lá tirei a roupa mais estranha que tinha. Saí pela porta da frente, sem se preocupar com o que iriam dizer e dei um grito ensurdecedor no meio da rua. Todas as pessoas pararam o que estavam fazendo e me olharam espantadas, achando que eu era maluca, na certa. Mas, afinal, eu sou sim, todos somos. Qualquer um que vive nesse mundo é maluco. Viver já é uma tremenda maluquice, não? Interrompa-me se estiver errada. Qual graça teria a vida se não esperneássemos feito crianças birrentas? Se não gritássemos feito loucos? Se não fizéssemos piadas sem graças apenas para divertir quem ao redor está? Nenhuma! Exatamente […] E por um momento, esqueci-me de tudo que me aconteceu de ruim em minha vida tumultuada. Tive uma breve amnésia e não me lembrei de ninguém, nem dessas velhas lembranças que deveriam estar num baú trancado a sete chaves. Ou lançadas num mar profundo. E deixei de lado muita coisa, começando pelo amor, esse qual me fez sofrer. Parece idiotice, eu sei, mas o amor pode muito bem ferir, assim como algumas palavras erradas vindas de pessoas certas. Portanto, decidi viver a vida o mais breve possível, pois ela é apenas uma, e pode acabar num piscar de olhos. restrita

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