What the shit people!!! (foul language jsyk.)

So my college is a small college. We have 6 RA’s for two buildings (yeah, that small) usually the dorms are good when it comes to sexual assaults and them not happening. Well. It seems like we’ve hit the  pervert jackpot because in just one month of classes we’ve had 3 sexual assaults.. 3 GIRLS HAVE BEEN FUCKING ATTACKED  in just 4 weeks. Two of which have happened in two consecutive nights. One happened Monday night and the other happened last night. And the girls that are being violated are the girls that usually wouldn’t report what happened.  They’re freshmen, quiet and reserved…But I’m really proud because they’ve all come forward and have allowed us to take the proper steps to give them justice and get them the help they’re going to need. The most twisted part is that the three guys that did the assaulting are all friends so my fellow RA’s and I are starting to think it’s a game that they are playing. It’s not a happy time here at my college. *sigh*


So this is my latest bulletin board. To begin with, there were some more little grey quotes, but I think at least one of my residents has been tearing them down. Oh well. The message is still clear. I like it. I feel as though this one is the one I am most proud of. It is not the most artistic nor is it the most fact filled. But it does serve a purpose I am passionate about.