Primeval Symbiosis

Would you love to live in a treehouse, but do you think that the trees could suffer for it and so you decided not to have a real treehouse?

The Danish student of Design and Architecture, Konrad Wójcik, design an eco- “treehouse” project, for which he gained a special mention at the “D3 Natural Systems International Architectural Design Competition. This construction allows to create four different levels with different functions to each floor, with all the spaces that a real house can have. But there’s more, Konrad studied also a unit that could be self-sufficient, or how we say in architectural language, a passive house! He designed an “unit that would not require any connection to the local technical infrastructure.

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The Scooby Reunion: “Time & Confusion” by Anberlin

"Let's promise to never not talk again."

When Doctor Who comes back this summer, Ben Miller of Primeval and Death in Paradise fame will be joining the show.

Ben Miller has had a long career in U.K.-based television series. He is mostly an unknown to American audiences, but he’s had equal experience in dramatic and comedic roles.

Miller is a huge Doctor Who fan who is thrilled to be on set. In fact, the BBC might not be able to ever get him off the set. He stated, “As a committed Whovian I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures. My only worry is that they’ll make me leave the set when I’m not filming.”

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