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Shout out to those having a harsh realization that being a perfect, gentle, sweet princess that every little girl is taught to aspire to is literally impossible.

Crawling your way out of metal illnesses, that no one speaks about, gets dirt under your newly manicured fingernails. And the man on the train will keep touching you until you jut your elbows out at the side.  A kind and soft demeanor wont stop that man on the street from stealing your purse, so you develop brass knuckles under your delicate bones.

You keep your elbows out because you deserve the space that was denied to you in etiquette class.  Your nails are short and clean and painted anew each night, but you keep the dirt under in your cuticles to remind you of your injustice past.

Keep crawling and spitting, growing and expanding, turn your heels into blade points and exist purely for yourself.  You’re stronger than anyone could ever believe, even as your elbows turn raw and your knuckles bleed, your back is straight and your chin is high. You are both the princess and the hero, be proud.