Its hard to describe how much love I have for these mountains, even though I hardly see them, (they are often covered by clouds). This place humbles me more and more every time I visit, and reminds me how small we actually are. I can’t wait to go explore these mountains, until next time.


Everything Seattle is to me:
- home - in my past and most likely in my future
- familiar - I know it like the back of my hand
- home to the best coffee shops I know of
- full of some BOMB restaurants
- the perfect combination of sea, sky, and mountains
- filled with people who are conscious of our earth’s ecological limits
- filled with people who love anything and everything organic, free-range, and dairy/gluten-free
- full of hidden secret spots
- full of well-known secret spots
- made of people who appreciate, encourage, and cultivate the arts
- full of memories I’ve made
- full of memories I have yet to make
- filled with people who have it all, yet nothing; and people who have nothing, yet have it all
- full of brokenness and glory

I think I will always be able to call Seattle my home. Even if I move to some faraway country, home will always be where my heart is. And my heart is in Seattle.