Here are just a few tips on how to take better care of yourself and ‘down under’.

1. Using pads

Using pads can’t be avoided while on you period, however, you have to be aware of how unhealthy they are.


Look at this little sucker. See the blue color? Basically, that’s the color of the chemical it’s coated in. Imagine how little that pad is, how thin it is, and it’s supposed to soak up blood from your body for several hours? Some badass chemicals must be in charge of it. So imagine exposing your intimate area to such chemicals (which could be safe, but, honestly, how safe can they be - long term?) every month for so many years of your life. Use some 100% cotton pads on top of a pad, so that you stop the actual pad from contacting your skin. This way you can also be extra safe that there won’t be any leaks. 

2. Tampons

Tampons can be used by any woman during her period but avoid using them often. If you use them so you could take a dip in the ocean - don’t stay in the water too long, remove the tampon immediately after exiting the water and make sure it fits comfortably. Also, regarding tampons, CHANGE OFTEN. Don’t wear them for more than a few hours, it’s extremely dangerous because of this (TSS can also be caused by wearing pads but much more rarely, both happen if you leave your pad/tampon for too long). If you use them on a daily basis, remember not to leave them in for too long. 

3. Shaving (Razors)

I understand some people are repulsed by pubic hair, but honestly, completely shaving your lady parts isn’t good. Imagine it like this - eyebrows and eyelashes both have a purpose - prevent nasty stuff from getting into your eye. Same works down there. Don’t shave everything unless you reeeaally have to. Trim, keep it clean and neat, but don’t overreact. Also, constant shaving can irritate your skin, not to talk about razors making the hairs very sharp which will irritate your skin additionally and lead to redness and itching. (And if a guy wants you to shave, and you don’t personally need to/want to - don’t do it. Don’t shave just for a guy. He can survive a cute lil bush).

4. Shaving (other products)

Like I already said, excessive shaving isn’t good at all. But using special shaving products not designed for your intimate area is a bad idea. It will wash off your body’s natural layer (because your vagina has a way of protecting herself; just like washing your hands - excessive washing leads to dry hands, redness etc. Same goes for the intimate area) and your lady parts will be more exposed to bacteria and infections. Also, a big no - sugar wax. Your vag doesn’t like sugar.

5. Gynecologist 

Before you hide and yell HELL NO, let me tell you that it is extremely important to visit a gynecologist once per year, at least. Visits to a G don’t have to be horrible and embarrassing. It’s never too early to get to know your doctor, maybe have them explain the procedure to you before you get checked. Get comfortable with the doctor before you get an examination. This also goes for virgins (examination is done via rectum but you can skip that for as long as you are a virgin unless you have to get an examination), it’s good to make an ultrasound to check your uterus and ovaries. You don’t have to be 18, you don’t have to have sex to visit a gynecologist. They can prescribe you some really useful stuff (nope, not talking about contraception).

6. Really painful and horrible periods

I suffered from really painful periods and my doctor prescribed me pills (hormonal) that made my period so much less painful ever since. (I needed to postpone my period because of a trip but it came anyway - without pain, though, which was awesome) I won’t name the pills, but you can basically get a lot of information from your doctor. Also, contraception helps with irregular and painful periods (pregnancy control should be the last reason you’re using contraception for).

7. Protection

Never say yes to unprotected sex (unless you’re married or trying for a baby). Make the guy wear protection (if he refuses, don’t go with it). A condom breaks only if put the wrong way (his dick isn’t too big, honey, he just didn’t know how to put it) so learn how to do it yourself! That way you can see whether it’s properly put on or not. Fear of breaking - almost completely gone. 

8. Clothes

Wear comfy, cotton panties. Ignore all the ‘sexy’ underwear (unless it’s both sexy and comfy) because wearing panties that are too small or in some other material can help you get an infection. If you want to feel sexy, buy a sexy bra. Take extra care about your panties.

9. Vitamin C / Cranberry tea

Avoid drinking plenty of orange juice, anything that has too much vitamin C because it might lead to an urinary infection. If you’re stuck with it, eating dry cranberries or drinking cranberry tea will help.

Hope this was useful!


Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody?

Every man and woman needs to watch this! Are women actually more moody on their period? We break down the biggest myths about menstruation, periods, and PMS with the help of iiSuperwomanii!

"What's the big deal about periods, they can't be that bad, right?"

Because too many guys have asked me this question

  1. There is blood and uterus tissue leaking from the vagina. There is literally no way to phrase that more nicely. Over the month, a woman’s uterus builds up a wall of blood and tissue in order to create a habitable environment for a fertilized egg on the off chance that the women decides to get pregnant that month. When the month passes by and the egg is not fertilized, the uterus sheds that lining through the only escape route available. This happens every month a woman isn’t pregnant, from puberty to menopause.
  2. The Cramps. Yes, the capital letters were completely necessary. Remember that lining of blood and tissue we were talking about? Cramps are the the physical sensation of the uterus squeezing all of that out, like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. The severity of cramps differ from woman to woman, but for the majority, it’s pretty bad. Imagine you’re sitting, mind your own business. Maybe you’re in class, maybe you’re watching a movie, Maybe you’re taking a nap. Suddenly, you feel this kinda tingly feeling, in your thighs, sort of radiating upwards. Huh, that doesn’t sound too bad, right? wrong. The tingly feeling switches to a sharp, stabbing pain in the womb area, like someone’s decided to reach in and tie your internal organs in a knot. This pain slowly spreads to your lower back, and intensifies until all you want to do is to chug some pain killers and curl up into a little ball until it goes away. We’re not always able to that.
  3. The fucking mood swings.  Personally I find this the most irritating part. During the menstrual cycle, woman’s bodies are bombarded with a wave of hormones which, aside from having some physical effects, wreak havoc on our emotions (here’s why). Things that we normally wouldn’t react to, would set us off in an instant. Say your coworker has this annoying habit of pencil tapping. Now normally, you’d just grit your teeth and ignore it, but because of the stupid hormones, you have an almost irresistible urge to snap his neck. Now imagine having to spend a week controlling yourself so that you don’t overact and punch the idiot who’s been popping his gum for the past fifteen minutes.
  4. It feels uncomfortable all the time. And not just physically. We spend most of our time worried that we’re leaking. No matter how many times you bathe, you don’t really feel clean. If you’re using a pad, you better hope it’ll hold and stay in one place. If you’re using a tampon you’re extra paranoid, because TSS (toxic shock syndrome) is fucking terrifying (google it, I dare you). And you feel like this for a week, can you imagine how psychologically taxing that is?

Basically, periods are physically uncomfortable, psychologically taxing, and emotionally draining. In addition, they’re somewhat unpredictable. Have a particularly stressful month? Shows up a week early. Or maybe two weeks late. And then there’s PMS, which is a whole other trip, basically the opening act,like the crappy stand-up comic that comes on before the band. Long story short: Yes, they can be that bad.

Getting your fucking period.

Remember when we were pubescent, and getting your period was really cool because that meant you were ‘maturing’ which, obviously makes you superior (when you’re 12). Every girl in my school grades 5-8 was praying every night for it, and some girls totally lied saying they already had it.
So then you finally get it!!! It’s awesome! You tell all your best friends and buy cool pads and try to figure out tampons- then decide they’re just not working out.
Then you have a few embarrassing experiences, and a LOT of inconveniences…
Then you decide periods fucking suck. They taint all of your fun days/nights as well as your cute underwear.

You hate your period and you wish you could skip the routine all together.

Then you get a boyfriend, going steady, having sex, and now, every month, you really REALLY hope you dont ‘skip the rountine’.

Then you break up and start dating and hate it again, because it ruins the night you were thinking of fooling around.

Then you finally decide to love it, because you can blame everything on pms. You can also scream at someone else, ‘YOU CANT BLAME EVERYTHING ON PMS’ <——-when you’re probably pmsing.

It’s a pretty awesome escape excuse out of most situations you get into.
And blood is pretty cool I guess.


You literally have no clue how much that first picture annoys me… Let’s list the things that come with periods…

  • Acne
  • backaches
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • cramps
  • cravings
  • dizziness
  • how heavy their flow is
  • headaches
  • indegestion
  • insomnia
  • joint pains
  • neckaches
  • sweating
  • tender breasts

Every girl has different periods, but none of them are fun. SO NO BEING ON OUR PERIOD IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BEING BITCHY! So please grow up and have SOME understanding on what we are going through…